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Gaza’s farmers harvest this season’s corn

Every summer, hundreds of tonnes of corn flow into Gaza’s markets. Thousands of Gazans working in the field will harvest this season’s corn. The process begins with farmers who plant the crops, producing a large amount. It is then sold to the traders who then sell it to the market. It then reaches the citizens and the grilled corn cart owners.

This corn provides a good seasonal source of income, as hundreds of Gazans line up along Gaza’s coast to purchase corn from the corn vendors. Some sell grilled corn, while others boil it, and the carts stand on the corners of the city centre.

Some have started to call these carts “poor-man’s corn” because it usually seems a source of income to individuals who struggle to make a living as a result of high unemployment rates in the Gaza Strip. It is also called this because it is affordable for the poor- an ear of corn costs no more than 50 cents.

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