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Israeli fighter jets fuel Jordanian planes in mid-air

Israeli Air Force aircrafts provided Jordanian combat planes with fuel earlier this week while on their way to joint exercises in the United States, Foxtrot Alpha, a website specialising in aviation and security affairs, revealed.

According to a report, while the Israeli Air Force's planes were flying to an American base in Nevada, five Israeli Air Force F-15's were seen flying side by side with Jordanian Air Force F-16's. The Jordanian fighter jets were given fuel in the air from Israeli Air Force KC-707 tankers.

The website pointed out that the Israeli army decided to send air force and technical teams to participate in the training, after a six year absence from Red Flag.

According to the reports, the fuelling of Jordanian aircraft in the air by an Israeli plane is considered a change in the level of security cooperation between the two countries.

In this context, it is worth noting that an American source confirmed three weeks ago that Israel gave Jordan 16 Cobra Attack helicopters to use in the fight against Daesh.

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