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Israelis told not to travel to 40 countries in case Daesh attacks

The Anti-Terrorism Bureau of the Prime Minister's Office warned Israeli tourists against visiting more than 40 countries, including Turkey, in fear that they could be subjected to attacks by Daesh.

In a statement issued yesterday, the bureau said that the recent attacks that took place in Belgium, Canada, Australia, France and Denmark reinforce fears of similar attacks against Western targets, including Israelis and Jews. It claimed that Israelis are not a key target for Daesh militants but it still believes that the group poses a danger to them.

There is a possible danger for Israelis from Iran and Hezbollah amid the developments taking place on Israel's northern borders, the organisation warned. Adding that Israeli citizens should avoid visiting Sinai in Egypt and Turkey on the grounds that the countries may be unstable, although no specific threats exist against them.

The Anti-Terrorism Bureau called on Israelis to refrain from visiting a number of Arab and Muslim countries, including countries that have diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv. It also warned them against visiting a number of African countries such as Somalia, Nigeria and the Maghreb, in addition to southern Thailand, Chechnya and Indian Kashmir amongst others.

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