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PA security services target prisoners freed by Israel

Palestine’s Islamic Resistance Movement said on Friday that the Palestinian Authority security services have arrested one of its members upon his release from an Israeli jail, and summoned another one for questioning, Quds Press has reported.

In a statement, Hamas said that the PA general security forces in Hebron arrested Dirar Abu-Minshar when he was released by the Israelis. He has been arrested by the PA on several occasions.

Meanwhile, the preventive security agency summoned Iyad Rabei from Ramallah for investigations. Rabei refused to attend, fearing arrest or torture.

In Nablus, a Hamas political prisoner, Maher Shreeteh, has been on hunger strike for 28 consecutive days in protest at his detention by the PA. Student Asem Ishtea and Haroon Abul-Haijaa have been detained by the PA security services in the city for 34 and 90 days respectively.

Political prisoner Abdul-Fattah Shreem has been on hunger strike for 52 consecutive days, in a protest against being imprisoned by the Palestinian Authority since 2009.

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