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Houthis: Attacks will not stop before coalition strikes cease

Houthi militants in Yemen announced yesterday that they would not stop their “operations inside Saudi Arabia” before the Saudi-led coalition stops its strikes in Yemen, the group’s military spokesman announced.

The spokesman Brigadier General Sharaf Ghalib Luqman said: “The operations of the army and the popular committees in Jizan, Aseer and Najran are continuous and will not stop except after the Saudi aggression on Yemen stops.”

From time to time, Houthis and their allies launch RPG and mortar attacks at sites along the Saudi border; mainly in Jizan and Aseer.

Speaking to a Yemeni news agency run by the Houthis, Luqman said: “Hundreds of Saudi officers were killed and tens of vehicles were destroyed last week, but Saudi imposes a news blackout on its losses in order to keep maintain the spirits of its soldiers.”

Meanwhile, a military sources affiliating to the Houthis said they targeted a Saudi military boat off the Yemeni coast.

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