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Merkel renews call for Syria no-fly zone

German chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday renewed her call for a no-fly zone in Syria, noting that the zone will prevent the deaths and the displacement of more civilians in Aleppo, northern Syria.

Speaking at a press conference with the Sri Lankan president, she said such an agreement would be “a sign of good will”.

She hinted that a no-fly zone could be achieved via an agreement between the Assad regime, his supporters and the coalition fighting Daesh.

Merkel also condemned attacks carried out by Russia and Syrian President Bashar Assad’s troops in Syria, asserting that such attacks are contrary to the spirit of the United Nations Security Council resolution passed in December.

She also praised the Munich talks last week, saying they allowed the arrival of aid to some of the besieged cities and regions in Syria.

Merkel had said in an interview published on 15 February that it would be “helpful” if there were areas where no side would carry out aerial bombardments – “a kind of no-fly zone”.

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