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Obama discusses efforts to tackle Daesh with US National Security Council

May 11, 2016 at 3:16 pm


US President Barack Obama met with the US National Security Council yesterday to discuss the international coalition’s efforts to fight Daesh.

The White House called on the council to intensify the anti-Daesh operations to “degrade and destroy the organisation”.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said yesterday during the daily press briefing in Washington that the president was briefed on the ongoing US and coalition efforts to tackle Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

“Obama and his team also discussed options to further advance a political resolution to the Syrian civil conflict while continuing our efforts to pressure ISIS [Daesh] there,” he added.

Earnest said that the president directed his National Security Council to continue to intensify its counter-Daesh operations “across all military and civilian fronts”.

“The operations include disrupting foreign fighter networks, halting ISIS’ [Daesh] expansion outside of Syria and Iraq, countering ISIS [Daesh] financing, disrupting any ISIS [Daesh] external plotting efforts and of course countering ISIS’ [Daesh] propaganda and messaging,” he added.