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Rights group criticises Red Cross decision to cancel 50% of prison visits

Palestinian Prisoners' Centre for Studies (PPCS) yesterday warned about the implications of the International Committee for the Red Cross' decision to cancel 50 per cent of the monthly visits to Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails, Quds Pressreported.

According to the PPCS, the decision has "dangerous consequences" as it abandons one of the rights that prisoners fought to achieve.

The organisation's statement said that such a decision only serves the Israeli occupation, noting that prisoners all over the world have the right to family visits and communication with their loved ones and they have the right to have telephone calls with them.

Palestinian prisoners can meet their family members from behind a glass screen, using an intercom facility to communicate with them. They are not allowed any physical contact with family members, the group explained.

Furthermore, relatives are often unable to visit those held by Israel because in most cases, family members are banned from entering Israel, where prisons exist, or they are unable to obtain the necessary travel permits.

The PPCS called for the prisoners' families to suspend their visits in protest against this decision and at the same time to protest outside the ICRC offices.

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