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The Times apologises for ‘anti-Semitism’ suggestion against MEMO editor

Ibrahim Hewitt, MEMO's senior editor
Ibrahim Hewitt, MEMO's senior editor

The Times in London has printed an apology for an article published on 2 May, in which it was implied that MEMO’s senior editor is “anti-Semitic”. The newspaper accepted that the suggestion in the article by Rosa Prince “was incorrect” and that Ibrahim Hewitt “is not and never has been anti-Semitic.”

Reference to Hewitt has been removed from the online version of the article in question. The apology added that the Times is “happy to put this on record and apologise to him for any distress caused.”

Hewitt has faced a number of attempts by the right-of-centre media in Britain to cast him as both an “anti-Semite” and “extremist”, especially since the so-called “Trojan horse” fiasco in 2014 and the election of Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of Britain’s Labour Party last year. Corbyn has called Hewitt a “great friend” and the two are both active campaigners for Palestinian rights. Such activists face similar allegations regularly from individuals and organisations which form part of the pro-Israel lobby in Britain and the West.

The Labour leader travelled to Gaza in 2013 as part of a cross-party delegation of MPs organised by the British charity Interpal, of which Hewitt is the chair of trustees. Photographs of the visit have been used by the media in an attempt to link Corbyn with “extremists”, but the captions and accompanying text generally fail to point out that Conservative MP Philip Hollobone and former Liberal Democrat MP and coalition minister Sarah Teather also took part in the visit. The MPs were able to see at first-hand projects funded by Interpal in the besieged Palestinian territory.

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  • peepsqueek

    You don’t have to call MEMO’s editor anti-semitic, but I have to do my best to correct their one sided propaganda against Israel, misquotes, misstatements, and misrepresentations of the facts, either direct or by their omissions of vital facts that could balance their articles. I understand that this is your job, but when you single out Israel for BDS in a sea of Islamic Countries with far worse human rights records, there must be a name for it.

    And then MEMO allows for posters to post propaganda videos and posters targeting Israel, but zero propaganda posters and videos targeting the Islamic world. Again, I understand that it is forbidden for you to criticize Islam. At least you are honest about your stated goal to destroy the Jewish State.

    • YvonneRidley

      You appear to be confusing and conflating Islam, Israel and Zionism – all are quite different entities and that you don’t know the difference is a tad alarming. You need to read more Memo articles and less propaganda to understand the complex issues tackled without fear or favour in this news magazine.

      • peepsqueek

        You just said nothing! Give the readers some actual example that we can work with. In what manner have I confused or conflated Islamism with Zionism?

        Hamas: No Muslim shall rest until the banner of Islam flies over every inch of the land. – The editor believes this as well. Many Islamic organizations say the same thing.

        The banner of Islam already flies over 99.9% of the Middle East land mass. I think you are upset that it does not fly over 100% of the Middle East land mass.

        Islamists are very honest about their ambitions. Why should anyone be confused?

        • Yazzzzzzz

          It is also a lie as several nations in MENA are governed by secular governments which only give a sprinkling of Islamic law to their Muslim majority nations.

          Syria (prior to Assad’s killing of his own people)
          Iraq (both before and after the Iraq War)
          Turkey (still not Islamist, still very secular)

          ^^^^^These are all secular nations who only have what we call “civil law” based on Shari’ah. You get married, divorced, and decide custody based on Islam. But otherwise, these nations are fully secular.

          So a vast majority of MENA is secularized but that is not enough for you?

          • peepsqueek

            The following are some nations that treat apostasy under their criminal laws, even if they are not all carried out, they are on the books.

            Iran – illegal (death penalty)

            Egypt – illegal (3 years’ imprisonment)

            Pakistan – illegal (death penalty since 2007)

            United Arab Emirates – illegal (3 years’ imprisonment, flogging)

            Somalia – illegal (death penalty)

            Afghanistan – illegal (death penalty, although the U.S. and other coalition members have put pressure that has prevented recent executions)

            Saudi Arabia – illegal (death penalty, although there have been no recently reported executions)

            Sudan – illegal (death penalty, although there have only been recent reports of torture, and not of execution)

            Qatar – illegal (death penalty)

            Yemen – illegal (death penalty)

            Malaysia – illegal in five of 13 states (fine, imprisonment, and flogging)

            Mauritania – illegal (death penalty if still apostate after 3 days)

            Morocco – illegal to proselytise conversion (15 years’ imprisonment)

            Jordan – possibly illegal (fine, jail, child custody loss, marriage annulment) although officials claim otherwise, convictions are recorded for apostasy]

            Oman – legal in criminal code, but according to the family code, a father can lose custody of his child

          • Fasdunkle

            scary just how nasty islam is when applied

          • peepsqueek

            Or any other religion as the ultimate authority. I remind you that when the Church ruled Europe, it was called the ‘dark ages’ for a reason. People were murdered for perceived offenses to the Church. Today you can be murdered in Europe for drawing a depiction of Muhammad by outside religious authorities and via fatwas from Islamic clerics and academics. I am not sure that Mr. Hewitt would disapprove.

          • Fasdunkle

            yes, I am not disputing that but the article is about an islamist

          • Irene Shemaria

            Scary how Israel is so nasty when a few imprisoned Palestinians throw a few rocks….

          • Mat Bond

            “If your brother, the son of your mother, or your son or your daughter
            or the wife you embrace or your friend who is as your own soul entices
            you secretly, saying, ‘Let us go and serve other gods,’ which neither
            you nor your fathers have known, some of the gods of the peoples who are
            around you, whether near you or far off from you, from the one end of
            the earth to the other, you shall not yield to him or listen to him, nor
            shall your eye pity him, nor shall you spare him, nor shall you conceal
            him. But you shall kill him. Your hand shall be first against him to
            put him to death, and afterward the hand of all the people. You shall
            stone him to death with stones, because he sought to draw you away from
            the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. …

            Deuteronomy 13:6-11

          • Fasdunkle


          • peepsqueek

            Thankful, no one has played out that ignorant ancient text in the Western world for many centuries. This is 2016 and there are still some people out there that still fantasize about acting out ancient text.

          • Irene Shemaria

            And they are the Zionist extremist Israeli fascist government.

          • peepsqueek

            Almost every Country runs the political range from right to left. The rest of the Middle are dictatorships, totalitarian Governments, and far right Islamists. Where the banner of Islam flies over 99.9% of the Middle East land mass, and they all have to live under some form of Islamic Sharia.

          • peepsqueek

            The CAIRO DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, in which all Middle East and North African States are signatories–

            Article 19: “There shall be NO crime or punishment EXCEPT as provided for in the Sharia.”

            Article 24: “All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Sharia.”

            Article 25: “The Islamic Sharia is the ONLY source of reference for the explanation or clarification of ANY of the articles of this Declaration.”

          • Fasdunkle

            Turkey isn’t secular

      • Fasdunkle

        MEMO is an islamist propaganda site.

        It pushes the agenda of islamo-fascists such as the muslim brotherhood. Hewitt himself has said he wants to live under sharia law and refused to denounce stoning women to death. He is a very nasty piece of work

    • Mat Bond

      What a double standard statement by someone who is clearly pro Israel. Why dont you just read the other mainstream media which is clearly biased to Israel like you always do. You will occasionally see any mainstream media dare to condemn Israel when they kill thousands Palestinian in Gaza. You are anti semite when you critic Israel country but you are free to insult Islam. What kind of freedom speech is it and what a double standard by people who claim they have a good human rights record.

      • peepsqueek

        What kind of free speech? We have a right, left, centrist, independent, and foreign press covering everything we say and do. We have an unrestricted internet access to all journalist websites. We can read every statement or document, or votes made at the United Nations by every world leader and non-governmental organizations. What Country are you post from? You just posted some propaganda from this propaganda website and I am calling you on it. Please respond!

        • Yazzzzzzz

          You are the slowest typing troll I have ever met. I really hope you are not a paid Hasbara troll, because if you are you are missing out on a lot of funds because it took you about ten minutes to reply to Mat’s post. Ten minutes to write less than ten sentences.

          • peepsqueek

            It is a holiday here in the States and my grandchildren are staying over. Their needs supersede Mat’s posts. Sorry that I inconvenienced you.

            By the way, that was a nice way to dodge the question.

        • Mat Bond

          Yes you do have a right, left,centrist etc. You can read everything or have a rich access to all journalist website. But you cannot criticize and condemn the Israel for any cruel action they did to people and children in Palestine. If you dare to do so, you will be called an ‘anti-semite’. Even if there is any proposal to condemn the violation of human rights by Israel at the UN, your country will never vote for YES and will always against it. And it is because your President candidates are depending on pro Israel lobby support to gain vote. But you are free to insult Islam, our prophet in the name of freedom speech.

          And so do your media. They are all the propaganda of the zionist. Do you think the are really free to publish any news? And you say you are the champion for human rights. But there are complaints from black people about discrimination and racist in States. About how they are treated.

          • peepsqueek

            I get your point about shouting racism when it is not, however racism, nationalism, tribalism, sectarianism, classism, sexism, are all universal to one degree or another.

            The Arab lobby in the United States is at least as old, perhaps older than the Israeli lobby. It is composed of the petro-diplomatic complex consisting of the oil industry, missionaries, and diplomats. Don’t tell me that big oil has no influence in American politics.

            Top lobbying sectors-

            Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $4,274,060,331 15%

            Health $4,222,427,808 15%

            Misc Business $4,149,842,571 14%

            Communications/Electronics $3,497,881,399 12%

            Energy & Natural Resources $3,104,104,518 11%

            Transportation $2,245,118,222 8%

            Other $2,207,772,363 7%

            Ideological/Single-Issue $1,477,294,241 5%

            Agribusiness $1,280,824,983 4%

            Defense $1,216,469,173 4%

            Construction $480,363,108 2%

            Labor $427,355,408 1%

            Lawyers & Lobbyists themselves $336,170,306 1%

          • Fasdunkle

            “Do you think the are really free to publish any news?”

            Yes, they are. of course being an anti-semite you don’t think so

  • peepsqueek

    “Hewitt has faced a number of attempts by the [right-of-centre] media in Britain to cast him as both an “anti-Semite” and “extremist”

    What can be further to the political right than an Islamist. No Islamist will ever support any liberal causes, to include women’s rights, gay rights, religious rights, the right to change your religious philosophy, the right to abort either for the sake of the mother or the deformed fetus, freedom of speech and expression, etc. If I am wrong, please correct me.

    • Yazzzzzzz

      This is the very definition of prejudice. You are prejudging an entire people based on your extremely limited experience.

      • peepsqueek

        Incorrect! I am judging an ideology, but not without providing examples that you cannot refute.

        • Yazzzzzzz

          No, you are judging “Islamists”. You said so yourself. You never stated you were judging Islam.

          Try again, Hasbara troll.

          • peepsqueek

            Islamists are not a people. There have been people joining al Qaeda and ISIS from over 50 different countries, to including the US and Europe. Who is teaching this brand of Islam?? Who supports them, who funds them, etc?

          • Irene Shemaria

            I’ll tell you who supports ISIS and other croups. The USA, Isreael…also Saudi Arabia.

          • peepsqueek

            What is your primary reputable source for documenting that gem? Please be specific

        • Yazzzzzzz

          You seriously need to learn either how to type with more than two fingers, or how to form sentences faster than a seventh grader.

          I’m out. I have a life. Ain’t nobody got time for your ridiculously slow replies.

          • peepsqueek

            You respond, but have yet to give an answer

  • Fasdunkle

    He wants to live under sharia law – that makes him an extremist.

    • peepsqueek

      It kind of contradicts the British Citizenship Oath: “I will give my [loyalty] to the United Kingdom and [respect] its rights and freedoms. I will [uphold] its democratic values. I will observe its laws faithfully and fulfill my duties and obligations as a British citizen.”

      • Fasdunkle

        I doubt he took the oath, i don’t think I ever did. The only reason fascists such as Hewitt get to run schools etc is because his facism has a facade of religion

        • peepsqueek

          How many honest Islamists could every take that Oath in the first place? Or the Citizenship Oath of Allegiance: I… swear by Almighty God (Allah) that, on becoming a British citizen, I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her Heirs and Successors according to law.

          • Fasdunkle

            Allah and God are different fictions. God is from the Germanic for the Christian deity. Allah is from the arabic for the muslim deity.

          • peepsqueek

            God and Allah are both concepts that those who are taking the Oath supposedly respect as the highest authority, and should ideally not lying when swearing in or taking an Oath in his name.