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Iraqi minister: 3.6 million people displaced from Daesh controlled areas

June 14, 2016 at 10:05 am

The number of displaced people from areas controlled by Daesh in Iraq has increased to 3.6 million over the past two years, the Iraqi Minister of Immigration and Displacement Jassim Mohammed said on Monday.

The minister pointed out in a statement that 600,000 displaced people have returned to their original home areas during the past two years.

Chairman of the Parliament Committee on Displacement and Migration Raed Duhluki warned on Monday of a humanitarian catastrophe potentially facing those displaced due to a lack of funding from the government.

The official called on the Iraqi government, the international community and human rights organizations to form government and political delegations in order to bring the necessary funds from donor countries to provide aid to displaced Iraqis.

The minister warned that the authority’s indifference towards the suffering of those displaced will cause a catastrophe.