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Sudan's Bashir affirms Sudan's willinges to support Yemen and stability in the region

Omar Al-Bashir, President of the Republic of Sudan, confirmed Sudan's willingness to support Yemen in achieving stability, as well as security in the region.

Al Bashir confirmed the historical relations between the Sudan and Yemen, during a meeting with the Yemen's Prime Minister, Ahmed Obeid Bin Daghr, in Khartoum on Monday.

In a statement to the press, The Yemeni Prime Minister described his talks with Al-Bashir as positive and said that it tackled all aspects of the bilateral relations between Sudan and Yemen, noting that the two countries have close relationship and share common interests.

In addition to the situation in Yemen, Bin Daghr said that the talks also addressed ways to enhance and strengthen the political, security and military relations; implying that the two countries share a common view on the region's issues. He also praised Sudan's stances in supporting Yemen and the Arab region.

Bin Daghr also stressed that the two governments are working on promoting and developing the bilateral relations and achieving stability and security in the region. He also pointed out that a number of ministers on both sides had held bilateral meetings and discussions on cooperation in various fields.

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