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Daesh explosives expert arrested in Morocco

Three people linked to Daesh have been arrested in Morocco for preparing to commit terrorist acts, the central criminal investigation office (BCIJ) reported yesterday.

The head of the cell, who had acquired "advanced skills in the manufacture of explosives", reportedly received logistical and financial support from Daesh to target tourist areas and infrastructure. He is accused of stealing chemicals and equipment from laboratories to make explosives and planned to use them for certain operations.

The cell was active in the Moroccan cities of Tangier and M'diq, where they planned to detonate explosives to "trigger the first spark of a series of destructive actions", according to the statement. They sought to establish an "emirate" in affiliation with Daesh.

According to the head of BCIJ, Abdelhak Khiyame, 1,609 Moroccans have gone to fight in Syria, Iraq and Libya, of whom over 800 have joined Daesh's ranks.

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