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Libyan forces reduce Daesh's grip on Sirte

Pro-government Libyan forces backed by US airstrikes are making advances in Sirte, Daesh's stronghold in the country.

The campaign to rid the city of Daesh has been ongoing for five months and, over the past two days, forces led by brigades from Misrata have pressed further into Sirte's neighbourhood Number Three as an intensified aerial bombardment and a barrage of tank fire slowly dislodged militant sniper positions.

Militants were clinging to an area called Manara. Misrata commanders said that is this area is ceded, it would leave Daesh militants exposed to defeat in what was once the group's main base outside territory controlled in Iraq and Syria.

"This is the end for them," said Mohamed Al-Ghasri, a spokesman for Misrata forces. "They have no other solutions, so that's why they are fighting fiercely to stay in Manara."

Victory for the Misrata-led forces would provide a boost for an UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) that nominally commands them from Tripoli.

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