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Former Kuwaiti minister urges action against Egypt over UNSC vote

Former Kuwaiti Information Minister Saad Al-Ajmi
Former Kuwaiti Information Minister Saad Al-Ajmi

Former Kuwaiti Information Minister Saad Al-Ajmi criticised Egypt’s vote in favour of a Russian draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council on Saturday calling on Gulf countries to take action against Cairo at an international level.

In a tweet, Al-Ajmi criticised Egyptian President Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi’s lack of “truthfulness” over vows to support the Gulf.

“We saw his real weight in the G20 summit in China and we felt his loyalty in the Security Council vote,” Al-Ajmi wrote on 10 October, urging Gulf states to take action against him.

The former Kuwaiti minister praised the Saudi decision to halt the supply of refined oil products to Egypt as a “first step” and urged other Gulf nations to follow suit, “not out of hatred toward the Egyptian people but for Sisi to know his place and to stop blackmailing us.”

In a separate tweet on 8 October, following Egypt’s Security Council vote, Al-Ajmi said: “If we calculate Gulf aid to Senegal in the past 50 years, it hardly makes up one per cent of what we gave Sisi in one month. Today, Senegal voted in our favour and Egypt voted against us at the Security Council.”

A media war has erupted between Egypt and Saudi Arabia after news emerged about the Saudi decision to halt oil supplies to Egypt. An Egyptian official had confirmed that Saudi Aramco, a governmental Saudi company and the biggest energy company in the world, informed the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, Egypt’s state-owned oil company, that it has suspended oil supplies to the county this month.

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