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Saudi accuses Iran of smuggling weapons to GCC

A Saudi official in the UN has announced that the kingdom has caught an Iranian terrorist cell smuggling weapons from Iran to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait, AlKhaleejOnline reported.

On Monday, the Deputy Representative of the Saudi delegation to the UN Saad Al-Saad said in a speech during the UN General Assembly in the 71st session that Iranian weapon smuggling poses a danger to the region.

He also reiterated that Iran has violated the prohibition of smuggling weapons by providing military support to the Houthi rebels in Yemen, accusing them of disrespecting UN Security Council resolution 2216 by supporting the Houthis over Yemen's legitimate government.

Al-Saad has also accused Iran of providing the Houthi rebels with weapons and money in order to spread chaos and terror in Yemen. He said that the Saudi-led coalition has managed to intercept a number of ships loaded with weapons from Iran en route to Yemen.

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