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Israel approves bill banning Muslim call to prayer

Israeli stand guard outside Al-Aqsa
Israeli stand guard outside Al-Aqsa

Just hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his support for the bill to ban the Muslim call to prayer, his government approved the bill, decided to move it to the Knesset, local media reported.

Israeli Jewish Home MK Moti Yogev proposed the bill, which Netanyahu’s office said the PM pledged to support, noting that the coalition government would discuss it during its weekly meeting.

Mosques broadcast the call to prayer five times a day, using loudspeakers. Since the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem in 1948, right wing Jews have been trying to ban it, claiming it causes unnecessary noise.

The statement of the Israeli PM said: “Israel is a state that respects the freedom of worship for all believers and it is committed to protecting those who suffer from noise which is caused by the loudspeakers.”

After the approval of the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation, the bill is moved to the Knesset. If approved, it will give power to the Israeli police to take measures against Muslims who use loudspeakers to call for prayers and take criminal actions against them.

Such legislation, to silence the call for prayer, has several times failed to get enough majority to be approved in the Knesset.

Commenting on the move, Arab-Israeli MK Haneen Zoabi said this is an attempt to change the culture and life in the occupied holy city.

“This is part of the culture of the Arabic city and had been there since before the Israeli occupation,” she said. “For those, who are not happy with it, they have to go back home to Europe.”

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  • Fasdunkle

    The headline is typically misleading.

  • Michael Morgan

    The racists and Islamophobic fascists are going to love this. Not sure the rest of the world will approve. It simply reinforces the notion that Israel is an apartheid pariah state.

    • Fasdunkle

      Love what? The headline is deliberately misleading, there is no proposal to ban the call to prayer. And why would the rest of the world disaprove – lots of places have noise restrictions about religious signalling – some (but not Israel) ban it outright for many versions.

      • Hammoudi Hajjar

        What they want to do is change cultural traditions in Jerusalem. Try to not take a side when thinking about it even though it is a very sensitive subject this whole Israel Palestine issue. You have to keep in mind Jerusalem and this holy land whatever you want to call it is not the holy land only for Jewish people, but also for people of the Christian faith, and the Muslim faith, and if this is how they practice their religion and it does not do no harm, then what right does it give Israeli authority to change it?

        • Fasdunkle

          How old is this cultural tradition?

        • neluroman

          How Muslims practice their religion, many times, does harm. Or else how would you interpret being awaken at 4 in the morning by Muslim call to prayer?If you know of a church, synagogue or other place of worship that wakes up the neighborhood at 4 am, let me know. It is true, cultural traditions must be treasured, as long as they are not a nuisance to those who don’t share the same values. .

      • Michael Morgan

        The Ziomedia is full of this story. Not sure what part of it is misleading as you call it. As I say only the anti Arab, anti Muslim bigots will approve but that seems to include a majority of Israelis and all the Liqud fascists.

        • Fasdunkle

          It is misleading to say the call to prayer will be banned, there is nothing in the bill to suggest that – the bill covers all buildings using loudspeakers to blast out religious incantations.

        • neluroman

          It incudes also 99% of those who are not Muslims, even if they are neither against the Arabs nor against the Muslims, in general.

    • mukhtar

      You can banned the call of prayer but you won’t stopped to worshiped of Almighty. Allah I don’t know why every others religion humiliate muslim

  • neluroman

    Islamic supremacists have a sheer sense of entitlement, even if they never consider reciprocation vis a vis of the others (the Infidels). Any opposition to their modus operandi is deemed either “Islamophobic,” racist, fascist hateful, Zionist conspiration not inclusive or anti-peace. In practical terms their calls to prayer are “pollution noise” especially when they come via extremely powerful loudspeakers. And exactly that is the case in Jerusalem, and not only, were the noise coming from the new and modern built mosques, many of which built on the top of hill crests and in valleys, creates an echo that is thus magnified beyond of the borders of good sense . And even so, the ban is intended to by applied only at the most sensitive hours of the day, respectively between 11 at night and 6 in the morning. Is not this bill in the common interest of all the communities living in Jerusalem? Yes, it is! So, what is the problem? The problem is with the Islamic supremacism, which never gives up.

  • They should maybe reach a compromise, perhaps agreeing what time should be best used for the call and what times it should be discouraged.

  • The Manager

    If Mohammed had wanted electric loudspeakers he would have invented them.

    • UK

      Just like if Jesus had wanted bells he would have invented them? The difference is Jesus never even approved or heard of a bell or a church..while Muhammad not only approved the call to prayer but 1000’s of times witnessed it himself.
      That’s your religion.. Anything but approved by Jesus.
      This is mine.. (Islam-Total & peaceful submission to the Almighty God). The Religion of Nature itself..of all creation.. (except the lost ones among mankind & jinns)..& of all prophets..from Adam to Muhammad..including Moses & Jesus..(peace be upon them all)..

  • The Manager

    From Wikipedia:
    Cities that have banned or restricted the use of loudspeakers by mosques include Mumbai, India,[5] Lagos, Nigeria,[6] some cities in Michigan[7] and Saudi Arabia, and Cairo,[8] Egypt.[9]
    Limitation on calls of prayers by muezzins exist in countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, the UK, Austria, Norway, and Belgium.[9]

  • pensword

    The timing of this measure is certainly motivated by zionist pettiness over the UNESCO proposal. Now that Trump’s taking over, they imagine they’ll have free reign to do whatever they want.

    They should be careful what they hope for. An American alliance with Russia won’t precipitate the regime change in Syria they want, nor will it roll back Iran’s economic and military progress.

    The law of unintended consequences remains in full effect. We’ll see who has the last laugh.

  • lisaloo

    so annoying. they did not ban the call to prayer. they banned the loudspeakers