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Can we now expect gaffe-prone Sisi to claim, ‘I am thy lord’?

December 9, 2016 at 2:56 pm

We do not know where the filters are that Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said that he had before he officially became president. Remember? When talking on television programmes prepared specifically to promote him, he used to say that his speech was delayed because everything he would say would pass through filters: honesty filters, shame filters and filters of whether his words please God or not.

Since he became president, his improvised speeches have been the target of ridicule by the people and on social media sites. “We will do whatever does not please God,” was the first such quote; the most recent is what Al-Sisi said in his speech marking Prophet Muhammad’s birthday: “Those who can defeat God can defeat us.” All that was left for him to say is, “I am thy Lord.” It is as if it was not enough for him to describe himself as the “physician of philosophers” and to say, “God created me a doctor… a doctor able to diagnose the case… He created me like this. I know the truth and I see it. Hear it from me. Even the world now, they are all saying, ‘Listen to him’…”

This is exactly what Al-Sisi said, and this man proves every day that he is delusional, which is why the Zio-American lobby made him president of Egypt, just like they put Gaddafi on top in Libya before him; he is the new Gaddafi in the region. The Libyan leader wasn’t so much an individual as an idea, or a state upheld by some foolish individuals, living in it amidst his entourage and stakeholders, and the media choir assembled to swell his head.

I notice that in all of his speeches, Al-Sisi has to repeat accusations against him only to deny them. “We do not and will not betray anyone,” he said yesterday, “nor do we conspire against anyone.” In Egypt we have a saying: “Those with a bump on their head touch it continuously.” Since he knows deep down that he broke his oath to God and betrayed President Mohamed Morsi — conspiring and staging a coup against him, and then taking his position — he will continue to be haunted by this wherever he goes, even in his sleep. Hence, he is looking for legitimacy from the international community and so makes many foreign visits merely to establish that lost legitimacy.

He bought such legitimacy from France with a Rafale aircraft deal; bought it from Germany through a deal with Siemens; from Russia with the nuclear reactor; from Brazil… You get the message. All of his deals were bought by the UAE, which supports Al-Sisi, especially after Saudi Arabia washed its hands of him; the honeymoon turned sour after the Saudis discovered his lies and deception, as well as his military and political support for the Houthis in Yemen and Bashar Al-Assad in Syria. He stated explicitly on Portuguese television that he supports Assad’s army, the Iraqi army and the Libyan army. He also said that he knows that there is nothing called the Syrian or Iraqi army, but that they are Shia militias ordered by the Revolutionary Council, an official of which said that Iraq controls four Arab countries and that the Islamic Republic of Iran will expand in the east.

This specific position taken by the Egyptian president indicates that Al-Sisi is biased in favour of the Iran-Russia axis and has abandoned Saudi Arabia. He has said in the past that Egypt is prepared to fight off any threat to Saudi Arabia, using his phrase “Masafet Al-Sikka” (“we are on our way”), but it seems that he is now on his way to help Saudi Arabia’s enemy.

Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi is a major con artist; unfortunately, Saudi Arabia found this out when it was too late, just as President Morsi found out too late. Even Al-Sisi’s supporters on 30 June have discovered this after it was too late.

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