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Shocking images show torture of Egyptians kidnapped in Libya 

Photos of the Egyptian workers kidnapped in Libya with clear signs of torture [masralarabia]
Photos of the Egyptian workers kidnapped with clear signs of torture [masralarabia]

The users of social networking websites have shared photos that allegedly show Egyptian workers kidnapped in Libya with signs of brutal torture on their bodies.

The photos, which were sent to the families of the six victims via the “Whats App” application, show the kidnapped workers half-naked with metal chains surrounding their body and signs of torture on their skin.

The families, who come from the Al-Ghanaymeyah village in the Egyptian governorate of Damietta, appealed to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and security agencies to rescue their sons who have been held hostage for more than 20 days.

The families had filed an official police report accusing an illegal immigration broker of complicity with the kidnappers of theirs sons, adding that the kidnappers threatened to slaughter the workers unless their families pay a ransom of 70,000 (around $3698) Egyptian pounds for each of the six workers.

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