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Palestinian priest: Oust PA and start civil disobedience

March 7, 2017 at 4:45 pm

Senior Christian Priest in Ramallah Monsignor Manuel Musallam yesterday severely criticised the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s security cooperation with Israel which has led to the death of tens of Palestinian resistance fighters in West Bank, Al-Resalah newspaper reported.

In an interview with the paper, Musallam called on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank to oust the PA and start civil disobedience against it and the Israeli occupation.

“Oust the PA, its security cooperation and the Oslo Accords which brought it,” he said.

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“Do not accept its role and start practical measures to get rid of the conceptions related to collaboration and tyranny,” he explained, “mass media has to run the population this way.”

“The PA no longer represents our dreams and ambitions. We thought that it would bring justice, peace and rights to us, but it wasted everything.”

Musallam stressed that every Palestinian must “get rid” of the PA and return to being “under occupation” in order to start working against the Israeli occupation again.

“We attempted to protect ourselves from the Israeli occupation through the PA, but instead of this, it scared us, frightened us, stripped us of our arms and drowned our cause in the sea.”

“The PA planted hate among the Palestinians and divided them. It wasted the conception of the big nation which means Palestine is from the river to the sea and Jaffa and Haifa are for us. It dropped the equation that all the land is for us.”