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EU court backs employer ban on hijabs

March 14, 2017 at 2:29 pm

File photo of a teacher [mendcommunity/Twitter]

The European Court of Justice has today been criticised for defying the body autonomy of women by allowing employers to ban the headscarf on the grounds that employers are allowed to sustain internal policies stating that employees “dress neutrally”.

Many slammed the decision as a way to police the bodies of women.

Others focused on the growing “violations” on religious freedoms in Europe

Jenny Brownlee made a point that it isn’t actually women in hijabs who cause the most problems in society.

A poll was released asking if this is a wider issue against Muslim women in the workplace

Of course, examples of women wearing a headscarf and not letting it get in the way of their job were also used…

While many rejoiced.

One thing is clear, however. With the many waves of change happening within the wider European political climate, many are just looking at the events unfolding across the continent like…