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Sisi pardons 203 protesters

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has issued an amnesty for 203 detainees imprisoned on criminal charges relating to public demonstrations. The amnesty is the second in four months and follows Al-Sisi's pledge made during a youth conference in 2015 that he would release a new batch of prisoners.

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According to the news report, this amnesty should have been issued two months ago, but it was delayed after an appeal from the different security services in the country. They objected to the release of a number of the people named in the amnesty; all well-known prisoners and activists have been excluded, as have those with lengthy sentences passed by military courts.

No members of the Muslim Brotherhood are on the list, although local sources say that youths who have renounced the movement, and Salafist ideologies, after sitting with Sisi's religious advisor inside prison are set to be released.

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