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An Israeli minister has threatened genocide in Lebanon, but where is the outcry?

Naftali Bennett, leader of the Jewish Home party

Picture, if you will, what the front pages of the British newspapers would look like if Russia threatened to target the civilian infrastructure of a neighbouring country and send it “back to the Middle Ages.”

The uproar is not too hard to imagine.

Indeed, the condemnations would flow thick and fast. The government and the opposition would condemn Russian belligerence, and there would be calls to discuss the matter at the UN Security Council; plans for new sanctions would be drawn up.

In fact, such a threat was made only last month but we heard not a peep from any of the pillars of the British establishment. That’s because it wasn’t Russia making the genocidal threats, but Israel, the West’s favourite — and much favoured — colonial regime.

NGO: Israeli Police fail to probe settler attacks on Palestinians

Liberal Zionist newspaper Haaretz published an interview with Naftali Bennett, Israel’s education minister and member of the security cabinet, in which he threatened to make Lebanon a free-fire zone: “Lebanese institutions, its infrastructure, airport, power stations, traffic junctions, Lebanese Army bases; they should all be legitimate targets if a war breaks out,” he claimed. If Lebanese missiles were then fired “at the Israeli home front, this will mean sending Lebanon back to the Middle Ages.”

Bennett contrasted this with what he said was Israeli behaviour in Lebanon. During the 2006 Israeli war of aggression against its northern neighbour, he was a reservist commander in an “elite” unit. The unit was charged with trying to track down the rocket launchers of Hezbollah, the powerful militia which defends Lebanon from Israeli attacks.

You can’t fight rockets with tweezers,

Bennett grumbled in the interview.

However, as the newspaper pointed out, Bennett’s belligerence in openly threatening genocidal war crimes against Lebanon and its people, is nothing new for Israel, even if it did ratchet-up the rhetoric.

In 2008, Israel’s then head of the Northern Command, Gadi Eizenkot — he is now chief of staff — proclaimed the “Dahya Doctrine” in which entire villages were threatened with destruction. “In every village from which Israel is fired on… We will apply disproportionate force on it and cause great damage and destruction there. From our standpoint, these are not civilian villages, they are military bases… This is not a recommendation. This is a plan. And it has been approved.”


During the 2006 war, Israel killed 1,200 Lebanese citizens. The flimsy justification for bombing civilian targets promoted in the western media was the lie that Hezbollah was using the population as human shields. In last month’s Haaretz interview, Bennett attempted this propaganda line again, claiming that Hezbollah weapons have been placed near civilians homes. In doing so, he inadvertently exposed Israeli propaganda as the fiction it is by admitting that, in 2006, Hezbollah rocket launchers were actually located away from population centres: “They moved their launchers from the nature reserves, outposts in open areas, to dense urban areas.” (Emphasis added.)

While Bennett half-heartedly claims that “we have no intention of attacking Lebanon,” the message is still clear: Israel is making no secret that it will target Lebanese civilians and civilian infrastructure during the next war. This threat to commit war crimes is in itself a violation of international law; it is an act of terror, intended to intimidate and bully a civilian population.

#Lebanon & #Israel

Moreover, in threatening to send Lebanon “back to the Middle Ages” the genocidal intent is clear. It is reminiscent of previous Israeli threats to conduct war against the entire Palestinian civilian population, including women and children, as expounded online by Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked. Bennett is the leader of the extreme right-wing, anti-Palestinian, pro-settler Jewish Home party. As well as forming part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling coalition, he is Netanyahu’s political rival. Hence, his posturing is an attempt to appeal to the increasingly pro-war and increasingly right-wing Israeli population, a large proportion of which supports each succeeding Israeli offensive against Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

Israel’s education minister has murderous form in Lebanon. As well as playing a part in the 2006 war, he had a role in the 1996 Israeli massacre of more than 100 civilians and peacekeepers at a UN base in the village of Qana during an Israeli invasion. More than half of those incinerated by Israeli missiles were children.

Ayelet Shaked proposes anti-polygamy plan against Palestinians

Does this bother Naftali Bennett? Not at all; in fact, he seems rather proud of it. In 2013, he declared notoriously,

I have killed lots of Arabs in my life – and there is no problem with that.

In 2015, his role in the Qana massacre was brought to light after some criticism in the Israeli media. The question was not about him killing Arabs, but whether or not he was a fit political leader because he had sounded “panicky” on the radio as he called in the fatal artillery barrage. He dismissed this and defended his leadership credentials: “I am proud of how I functioned during Operation Grapes of Wrath [Israel’s 1996 invasion of Lebanon]; leave the warriors alone.”

Despite its alleged liberal credentials, Ha’aretz seems to have little problem with Bennett’s genocidal threats. Its headline writers appear to encourage him by summarising his interview with his promise to “Hit Civilians Where It Hurts”.

This is another reminder that liberal Zionism is as much an enemy of the entire Arab world as right-wing Zionism. After all, the worst Israeli crimes were carried out under “socialist” governments led by the Labour Party, including the 1948 Nakba as well as the illegal occupations which began in 1967. Both crimes are ongoing: the occupations are even more entrenched and the refugees of 1948 and their descendants still languish in exile.

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  • Michael Morgan

    Someone should feed Bennett to the dogs. He doesn’t even pretend to be anything but a murderous fascist. Western complicity with his past activities and his future “plans” shames us all. The USA and the UN should mark this animal as a dangerous terrorist and a war criminal.

    • Pepper Wingate

      You, the dogs wouldn’t eat! Pigs? Well, they will eat anything!

      • Kyle Renner

        So basically you’re a bot that insults people and spews the same tired old pro-israel slogans? Cool.

        • Pepper Wingate

          Me, all girl, me! Spurs fan! COYS!
          You started the insults, I can dish with the best.

          • Michael Morgan

            Do shut up. This is not about you. If you actually like Bennett you’re a special kind of stupid.

  • Fasdunkle

    “An Israeli minister has threatened genocide in Lebanon” – nowhere has that been threatened other than in the fevered mind of Asa who is paid by the muslim brotherhood to lie.

    • Michael Stones

      If you can’t see the Genocide perpetrated by the ILLEGAL state of israel you need to go to specsavers

    • Kyle Renner

      You twits really see the Muslim Brotherhood everywhere, eh?

      Sad! Pathetic! And it goes without saying that you can’t even refute what was written in the article.

      Remind me when a a bloodthirsty lunatic threatening to send the neighboring country “back to the Middle Ages” doesn’t imply mass slaughter on a systematic scale?

      Let’s not forget how you’d howl in outrage if it was a Palestinian or Lebanese politician saying “I’ve killed plenty of Jews and there’s nothing wrong with that”, as well.

      • Fasdunkle

        Did you read the article or just the headline?

        I see the MB where the MB are. MEMO is a MB outlet

  • A.S.F.

    Iran and various majority Muslim countries have been threatening to do this to Israel AND the US for years. Not only that, you seem intent on perpetrating genocides amongst each other actively, repeatedly and currently. Try cleaning up your own backyards instead of p**ping all over your tiny Jewish neighbor’s in order to relieve yourselves of the pressure of your own violent over-indulgences.

    • Michael Stones

      And just what would YOU do if an ILLEGAL state was inflicted on you and robbed your lands and houses???

      • A.S.F.

        Israel is not illegal. It is a perfectly legitimate and legal entity and nation. The majority of people calling themselves “Palestinian refugees” today are not even remotely related to the original “Trans-Jordanians” of 1948, have never lived in the region in question and have no intention of ever living in the region in question. They just don’t want Jews to be able to live in the area in question. Put on your big boy pants and get used to the idea of the one sole majority Jewish nation on the entire planet having the audacity to consider that they have a right to exist in this world. Also get used to the fact that things have changed since the Holocaust…No longer will (most) Jews be so quick to lay down and die for you upon command. Sniffsniff for you.

        • Michael Stones

          Okay tell you what don’t believe me Google the laws on creating a state, and as for the holohoax google the Jewish almanac for the population of Jews before and after it, and while your at it google the International Red Cross report that said there was NO EVIDENCE of a holocaust SNIFFSNIFF for you

          • Kyle Renner

            Uhh we in the pro-Palestinian camp don’t need holocaust denying BS, bud. All you’re doing is providing these people with a useful canard to smear others. I don’t want to be tainted by your stupidity.

          • Michael Stones

            As I have said Google it

      • Pepper Wingate

        Let’s see, what did Israel do when Jordan ILLEGALLY occupied Israel and the JEWISH QUARTER OF JERUSALEM? Oh! I remember, they offered a peace treaty. REFUSED! They did that until 1967 then they took it back. Then they offered a Peace Treaty. REFUSED. Gave Gaza free, gratis and for nothing with a greenhouse complex. DESTROYED THE GREENHOUSES AND REFUSED ANY NEGOTIATIONS. How many missiles since then? Invaded Gaza, withdrew and offered a Peace Treaty. REFUSED.
        Asked and answered.

        • Michael Morgan

          Paid Zionist troll alert. Beware she SHOUTS! Bwahahahahaa

          • Pepper Wingate

            Paid? How? How can I get paid? Zionist? Of course Zionist! You’ve read my posts and you didn’t know that? Although we prefer the term Hasbara troll. It has a ring, don’t you think?

          • Michael Morgan

            Pleased you admit it. Troll is a good word but clown is more accurate. Anony mouse Ziobot.

  • Jim Fox

    Nikita Khrushchev threatened JFK that he would “Bomb the USA back to the stone age”.
    Did you forget that??

    • Michael Stones

      And just why did he do that??

  • Vinegar Hill

    Bennett should be an intern at an institute for the mentally depraved and not a member of the Israeli government.

    The example of the perverted mentality of Bennett, however, goes much deeper than being a danger to civilisation. He is respected in Israel and tolerated by a considerable portion of Israeli society. This gives a clear insight to the perversion of Israeli society and its acceptance of such savage perceptions of humanity by a government minister within Israeli.

    Arthur Kostler must be turning in his grave wishing to write a sequal to “The Scum of the Earth”.

    • Pepper Wingate

      That would give you some company!

  • razdanraz

    This Polish fraudster has nothing to do with the history of Israel. His parents🌎were American. He was ,yes born in Israel because they had migrated to Palestine fraudulently called as Israel. This East European is a criminal and a psychopath just like the rest of his kind living in the usurped land of Palestine. All these East and West Europeans including the Khazars of Russia must go back to their respective lands where they originate from. What have they to do with the Jews of the Bible. These are usurpers and land grabbing criminals. Nasser of Egypt once said: “We don’t recognise you. You left from here black and returned white”!.

    • Pepper Wingate


  • Wiz

    No such thing as israsmell

    • Pepper Wingate

      What? It’s not on your maps? Well, I wouldn’t head west following your GPS.
      Oh! does it have a section saying, “Here be dragons”?

  • Pepper Wingate

    Hezbollah has repeatedly and graphically threatened to destroy Israel. They have even outlined the means to achieve their goal, whether missiles or a strike on a chemical facility in Haifa (equivalent to several atomic bombs). Iran and Hamas have done the same. Any yet now Israel responds in kind and someone is upset? Give your heads a shake!

    • Josh

      The next war between israel and hezb will be really bad. Israel and USA have lost a huge strategic advantage by letting iran and hezb set up so strongly in syria. Hezbs arsenal has grown exponentially and they even claim to have access and support from russian military. Russias military has supposedly supplied anti aircraft missiles and guided cruise missiles to hezb in lebanon.

      All i do know is lebanon and israel will be a wreck and if hezb can successfully penetrate israeli border then the county will look like another afghanistan syria and iraq. iran has close to 50 000 fighters in syria and that doesnt include what is being prepared in lebanon for israel. the next war is a catastrophe for all. the last war evacuated nothern israel where will the irsraelis go this time? some will have to stay and fight others will flee. hezb has tunnels from lebanon to syria. not good at all for leb or isr.

      • Pepper Wingate

        Fear not. A ragged group of Jews was faced by six of the strongest armies the Arabs could field, equipped by Britain. They threatened to throw the Jews into the sea. Considering that many of the Jews had starved in Europe and many had just been freed from Death Camps, no strategist worth his salt would have bet on the Jewish forces. Still, they fought the Arabs to a standstill and have continued to keep them at bay for 70 years.
        You may not believe in modern day miracles but I see the hand of the Lord.

        • Everything’s Ungodly

          But what about your Jeeezus freaks in Lebanon???? They still are kind of a majority there.

          Oh that’s right JEEEEZUS is the only one who gets to kill the JOOOS!!

          Not the Muzzrats either! Too bad there isn’t a way to send all three of your menacing religions right back to the middle east a drop a nuke on all of you.

  • ricky

    The old world monotheistic neaderthals/albinos(scientific term) are being exposed for what they are! We in the NEW WORLD have been dealing with the judeo-Christian synarchists for over 500 years!
    Once we expose and hold to account all the old world humans(neaderthals/albinos) that made it to the NEW WORLD “America’s”, Israel will fall, it can not stand(USA) without the occupying force of old world judeo-christian neaderthals/albinos, these underdeveloped old world humans are fast being diluted out of the new world(demograhics). Once we break the occupation of old world humans in the new world(turtle island/anuhauc) the domino chain goes into full effect! The society (so called USA) that taught/encouraged a modern form of genocide(native americans/1st nations people) and in present form(isreal) has there “days numbered”……they(usa/isreal) are being exposed as the worst among us! Greedy(capitolism) , violent(militiristic), superficial, and materialistic! The people of earth will not follow such filthy ways of being! As “Rome” crumbles, so does its little sick client “state”. Zionism is a front for turning human beings into a capitalistic commodity, and thus abusing them thru violence, materialism, and superficiality! The original “mainstream” media (old/new testament) does not have the ability to indoctrinate like it once did! Although I’m sure Palestine would dispute that;)
    The old world monotheistic judeo-christian(was created by Christian capitalists, can’t exist with out Christians), state of isreal as well as the USA are being exposed as full of OLD WORLD violent, underdeveloped monotheistic judeo-christian neaderthals and Albinos! They display the worst aspects of humanity! These types of violent, underdeveloped humans will be diluted out of exsistance over time. I know it sucks we have to deal with there immature , violent minds, backwards thinking patterns. This is what happens when your indoctrinated(monotheism=superiority complex) before you have a fully developed adult mind! It’s sad when you see indoctrinated “adults” forcing manipulation, and abuse through monotheistic indoctrination! We should reference isreal as “isfake” as a judeo-christian “state”, after all the Christians created it(British), and maintain it(usa), so the “state” of isreal or is fake, is in fact a judeo-christian state and not a Jewish state!

    • Fasdunkle