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UAE uses US attacks in Yemen to get rid of Muslim Brotherhood

May 27, 2017 at 4:02 pm

The UAE uses US attacks on Yemen to get rid of the Al-Islah Party, which represents the Muslim Brotherhood in the country, Moheet reported experts as saying.

“There is a clear political function behind the American escalation in Yemen related to the war on terror,” an expert said, according to Moheet.

American attacks on people suspected to have links with Al-Qaeda increased during the Trump administration more than they had been during the Obama administration.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, researcher Yassin Al-Tamimi said: “What is happening today in Yemen is that regional powers use Al-Qaeda and the United States at the same time in order to wage a fake war on terror in a third country, Yemen. These regional powers are represented by Abu Dhabi.”

The researcher continued: “Abu Dhabi took a position against legitimacy in Yemen. It is settling accounts with Yemeni parties which supported the revolution of 11 February 2011, mainly the Al-Islah Party.”

He reiterated that the UAE “covers its operations through carrying out joint operations with the American military,” noting that its “most dangerous plan is dividing Yemen.”

Al-Tamimi pointed out that American operations are taking place in areas controlled by the legitimate government in Yemen.