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Israel puts its occupation on display in East Jerusalem

July 6, 2017 at 11:16 am

Israeli occupation forces projected images from its Judaisation project on to the walls of Damascus Gate on 5 July 2017 [Saed Rakun/Palestinian Information Centre]

Israeli occupation forces projected images from its Judaisation project in East Jerusalem on the walls of Damascus Gate yesterday.

Part of its annual “Festival of Lights”, the display showed pictures which depicted specific historical periods or which were linked to religious beliefs.

This year’s event was used as part of the municipality’s efforts to Judaise the city and eradicate its Islamic history replacing it with the Zionist narrative.

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According to Adnan Al- Husayni, minister of Jerusalem affairs, the Umayyad palaces that are targeted by the festival include mostly Islamic Umayyad monuments. He stated also that the occupation forces have been searching for monuments in the hopes of locating items which date back to the Jewish era. However, some of these antiquities turned out to be Byzantine and Arab Islamic.


In an interview with the Palestinian Information Centre, Al-Husayni added that these monuments, which confirm the country’s Arabic and Palestinian identity, are being tampered with and forgery operations are continuing.

The minister stressed that these festivals will not change the Arab-Islamic character of the city.