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6 arrested after Morocco video shows woman molested on bus

A video has been circulated showing the violent molestation of a mentally-challenged girl on a bus in Morocco by a group of teenage boys

*** WARNING images below contain graphic content ***

Six teenage suspects were arrested yesterday in Morocco following video footage of a woman being sexually attacked on a bus.

According to a police statement, six teens aged between 15 and 17 were arrested after the incident took place in Casablanca.

The video was shared on social media on Sunday and caused widespread outrage in the country. In the video, six teenagers are seen assaulting a weeping woman, who reportedly has learning difficulties, and laughing as they molest her.

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The victim is seen screaming in distress but despite this no one is seen coming to her aid nor does the bus come to halt.

According to transport company M’Dina Bus, the incident happened on Friday. The police statement said the 24-year-old woman had not filed a complaint before the video was released.

Retaliation: Hundreds stage protest against the sexual assault in Morocco

Moroccans gather to protest in Casablanca for reforms after a girl was violently molested on a bus in Morocco. [Screenshot: Anadolu Agency]

Moroccans gather to protest in Casablanca for reforms after a girl was violently molested on a bus in Morocco. [Screenshot: Anadolu Agency]

The video comes as another incident that was filmed and shared on social media showed a group of men taunting a woman walking alone in the streets of Tangier a fortnight ago. Both incidents have raised questions about the high number of sexual assaults that take place in the country.

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