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Canada to deploy soldiers to Tunisia for counter-terrorism training

October 3, 2017 at 2:18 pm

Canadian military [Wikipedia]

The Canadian military is considering sending soldiers to Tunisia as part of counter-terrorism training, the Ottawa Citizen reported.

“Training could take place this fall and would include courses covering explosive devices against improvised explosives, medical devices, snipers, tactical intelligence, tactical planning and infantry skills,” the Canadian National Defence spokesperson, Daniel Le Bouthillier, confirmed.

Le Bouthillier added that as part of a Canadian counter-terrorism capacity-building programme, Canadian Armed Forces personnel plan to deploy to train security forces in other countries to increase their capacity to maintain the security of their borders and the terror threats they may face.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, the Canadian Department of Defence did not disclose the destination to which Canadian soldiers would be sent to carry out their mission, but according to Defence Watch, which monitor’s Canada’s defence industry, Tunisia will reportedly be one of the countries of deployment which is expected to last a month.

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Tunisia has faced an increase in terror threats after Daesh carried out terror attacks in 2015 against tourists. Daesh fighters have regrouped in the country since being driven out of Libya with Tunisians calling on the government to do more to prevent the return of militants and the potential for home-grown terror to fester.