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‘Hamas will work to support new government’

Hamas said today that the Gaza Strip and its ministries are being governed by the National Reconciliation Government, stressing it will work to support the government to carry out its tasks.

The group’s spokesman Abdellatif Alqanou issued a press release saying that the movement would give priority to the general interests of the people over any partisan interest during talks with Cairo. It also stated that it would work with positivity and flexibility to make the talks a success.

Alqanou noted that Hamas is committed to the past agreements signed with Fatah and prepared to begin implementing them without negotiations, in accordance with the Cairo agreement signed in 2011.

The Reconciliation Government ministers were handed their government tasks in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday after it concluded its first weekly meeting in Gaza.

Reconciliation Government Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah left the Gaza Strip and headed for Ramallah after completing the handover of the ministries, institutes and government bodies in the Gaza Strip.

Before leaving Gaza, Hamdallah toured the vital service institutions and projects in Gaza to check on their progress, including Al-Shifa Medical Complex, and the water desalination plant. He looked at the workflow in both places as well as the obstacles hindering their development and expansion.

Images by Mohammad Asad

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