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Israel allows Palestinians workers in during Jewish holiday

According to Israeli media outlets, Israeli Minister of Defence Avigdor Lieberman has allowed Palestinian workers from the occupied West Bank to enter Israel for work purposes during the Sukkot holiday.

Israel's 0404 website reported that Lieberman and Israeli army Chief of General Staff, Gadi Eisenkot, decided to allow Palestinian workers who are employed in important sectors, especially the construction sector, to access their workplaces during the holiday.

According to the Israeli site, which is close to the Israeli occupation's army, the decision was made "following a security assessment, at the request of concerned government ministries and public bodies "despite the presence of security cordon on the West Bank.

The website pointed out that Lieberman "instructed the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, to study the applications and approve them as needed in various economic facilities."

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The Israeli occupation authorities announced the imposition of an 11-day military cordon on the occupied West Bank. The cordon began at midnight on Tuesday and ends in the evening of 14 October.

Israel regularly closes the occupied West Bank during Jewish holidays, spreading military checkpoints and severely restricting the movement of Palestinian citizens. Many are left unable to access their jobs, making the already dire economic situation in the occupied territories worse.

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