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Palestinian reconciliation an opportunity for return of soldiers, says father

Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin
Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin

The father of one of the Israeli soldiers captured during the military offensive against the Gaza Strip three years ago has said that the Palestinian reconciliation process presents an opportunity for the men to be returned to their families, Safa News Agency has reported.

Professor Simcha Goldin, who is the father of Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, said that the opportunity must not be lost. “Israeli has to pass this message to the regional and international communities,” he insisted during a marathon organised on Friday morning near the settlement of Kfar Saba. What’s more, he added, Palestinian reconciliation is a chance to declare formally the end of Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge”, the name given to its 2014 military offensive.

Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul were captured in the offensive, during which Israel killed more than 2,260 Palestinians, wounded 11,000 others, and destroyed schools, mosques, hospitals and infrastructure. Gaza, it is understood widely, was made unliveable by the third major Israeli attack in under six years.

In April, the military wing of Hamas, the Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades, published pictures of four Israeli soldiers said to be held captive, including Goldin and Shaul. No talks about them are taking place, it pointed out.

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  • Vinegar Hill

    There is something immoral and repugnant regarding the comments by Goldin. He is concerned about the return of his son as any father would be but Goldin’s hypocrisy is repugnant.
    His comments are made when he participated in a marathon in the illegally occupied West Bank, where the brutal IDF, on a daily basis violate international law and implement depraved methods of control over the indigenous Palestinian people. Added to which his son participated in the destruction of schools, hospitals, the lives of women, children and babies. His son should be sent to the Hague to explain his crimes against humanity, nothing more and nothing less.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Look at him! The Lithuanian looks so Middle Eastern, totally indistinguishable.