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Turkey to host international symposium on coups

Academics from at least 30 countries will participate in the "International July 15 and Coups Symposium: Global Effects, Media and Democracy Symposium" in Kocaeli, Turkey, between 26 to 28 of October 2017

According to the host, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the meeting will take place at this year's Kartepe Summit, where Anadolu Agency is the Global Communication partner.

The statement said that this would be the most comprehensive intellectual meeting that has been held so far on coups around the world.

"The 'International July 15th and Coups Symposium: Global Impacts, Media and Democracy' program, in partnership with Kocaeli University, Istanbul University, Sakarya University, Yıldırım Beyazit University, International Sarajevo University, Anadolu Agency, TRT, Prime Ministry Coordinating Office of Public Diplomacy and Turkish-Arab Institute for Strategic Studies, attracts great interest from domestic and foreign academicians," the statement said.

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The statement also said papers selected from 91 universities will be presented at the summit and the speakers of universities of 30 countries, including Turkey, will bring attention to coups, their basis, impacts and methods of fighting them.

"The scientific committee's assessments were finalized for 223 papers prepared by 262 academicians, and 106 papers were selected for presentation at the symposium," the statement said.

"The papers that will approach the world's coup mechanisms, July 15 in particular, will bring new horizons for policy and decision makers. The symposium, hosted by the Kartepe Summit, is attracting great interest from academicians, intellectuals, media members and activists from abroad, with 36 academic presentations and 17 panel discussion applications from 53 countries.

"Applications from countries that were most effected by coups such as Chile, Argentina, Colombia are in the lead.

"In our city where the East and West meet, philosophers and scientists from the East and West will discuss the coup, the cancer of the world at the Kartepe Summit," Kocaeli Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu.

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