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Israel companies in talks to invest in Saudi Arabia’s ‘smart city’

Saudi's Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on September 2nd 2016
Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

Several Israeli companies are in talks with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia about business opportunities in the Kingdom’s new “smart city”, according to documents obtained by the Jerusalem Post.

The Israeli daily claims to have seen correspondence confirming economic cooperation between Arab diplomats and businessmen in Tel Aviv; Israeli firms will reportedly be competing under the table for billion-dollar contracts from the Saudi government.

“The Saudis are not so willing to cooperate with the Israelis formally, but … it’s much easier to create all kinds of cooperation on water, energy, ag-tech, food tech. This is the stuff that the prince of Saudi Arabia [Mohammed Bin Salman] wants to promote in the smart city,” said a source in Israeli venture capital who is familiar with the project.

On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia officially launched the NEOM, a developmental project to create an economic zone spanning the country and parts of Egypt and Jordan. Designed to free the Kingdom of its dependency on oil, it will focus on industries including water, biotechnology, food, advanced manufacturing and entertainment; at an estimated cost of $500 billion.

The project is part of Bin Salman’s 2030 economic vision for the country, which he has also promised will come with modernisation.

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The news comes amid increased rumours of a burgeoning relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel; causing controversy in recent weeks. The normalising of relations between the two countries remains a proposal that has repeatedly been rejected by the Saudi public.

Yesterday Major General Anwar Bin Majed Bin Anwar Eshki, a former government advisor, was reported to have confirmed suspected relations when he said diplomatic and intelligence cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Israel were solely based on non-political matters.

Last week, Israeli officials also confirmed that Bin Salman had secretly visited Tel Aviv in September. The suggestion was vehemently denied by Saudi officials who insist that settling the Palestinian issue must take place before any normalisation of relations.

Last month, leaked documents by the Twitter account Mujtahidd spoke of the country’s plans to “accept Israel as a brotherly state”, causing widespread controversy. The rumours were again denied by state officials. But recent months have witnessed an informal economic rapprochement between Riyadh and Tel Aviv, with former Saudi businessmen and former senior officials visiting Israel.

Israel has also supported the current blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt on Qatar. Tel Aviv has repeatedly called on Doha not to host prominent Palestinian figures, a view now shared by Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.

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  • DEADP00L

    When Zionists used to tell us ” Why don’t you boycott Saudi Arabia too for their crimes?”

    The answer always was: We are going to.

    No one can force anyone to buy anything. Saudi Arabian’s can either take a stand as human beings or as mindless drones at this point

    This ‘prince’ of Saudi Arabia has chosen not only to take a bite out of the apple offered by the devil, but has chosen to swallow the apple whole. The ultimate betrayal against God and family. He has shown his true colonized colors and will be without any love anywhere. The fate of one of Damnation and isolation. Saudi Arabia has reverted to worshiping money once again thanks to this wayward child of material and idol worship, there is no God in him or in Saudi Arabia. The whisperer is what Saudis monarchs worship.

    • Al2sultan

      You’re right let Saudis drown in their backwardness and reject all of Israel’s advancements in technology sciences medicine. Let them boycott the Jews and remain backward and extremist for “the sake of God”. You’re such an ignorant fool.

      • DEADP00L

        You seriously think Israel reverse engineering our tech is an achievement? Saudis dont need anything Israel has because its not Israel that makes them. What they do is steal tech and bootleg them. Badly BTW.

        • Al2sultan

          You’re kidding right? Israel is the world leader in most technological areas why do you think all major companies like Microsoft etc have center’s there. You know having enemies as stupid as you gives me great joy and hope. You are so beyond stupid in your hate for Israel you won’t even see her leaving you in the dust of her progress. Enjoy living in stone ages

          • DEADP00L

            Israel is already under investigation for reverse engineering and selling faulty tech. Numerous tech companies have already gone under and 160 medical ventures have tanked. Know why?

            Because when you reverse engineer you need a blue print. Corporations are taking Israel to court regularly now for such violations. You seriously thought people would just ignore all that? Even telecommunications are getting screwed over. *shrug* No big deal, Israel is a welfare state and will just ask for more aid because that’s all it actually is good at.

          • Mahomed Hameed

            Microsoft is run by Indians -without which the ship will sink. I’m not claiming that the Jew is stupid but please don’t claim that they are masters I’m everything.
            They mastered one thing- control of money and resources without any competition.

          • Al2sultan

            Lol how many resources does israel have? Zero. How much does the Arab world have with 99.9% of the territory? The resource Israel has mastered is using the intelligence of its people by promoting education. This leads to innovation to overcome zero resources. If the Arabs want to beat the Jews try educating your children rather than indoctrinating them into hating Jews for “controlling money”. I hardly think israel controls Saudi wealth etc. get real. Education for men and women is key.

      • DEADP00L

        Also its not Saudis that are driving out Palestinians for the sake of God; thats all on you scum. What was that latest bill? The ” Nation state” bill? That explicitly uses God to justify ethnically cleansing entire neighborhoods, towns and villages of non-Jews? Jewish supremacists are as hypocritical as they come. Hating on non-Jews and Arabs but then NEEDING Arabs and non-Jews for survival, construction, economics and validation.

        You lot are as pathetic as it gets.

  • Mahomed Hameed

    Keep on building! It’s going to be taken over by their so called friends in the near future.. What a shambles!