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Netanyahu’s special diplomatic envoy resigns

Attorney Yitzhak Molcho, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's chief negotiator and special diplomatic envoy [Gaza Capital Studios/Facebook]

Attorney Yitzhak Molcho, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief negotiator and special diplomatic envoy has officially resigned his position amid investigation involving the prime minister and his family on corruption charges.

Molcho has repeatedly asked Netanyahu to relieve him from his post which he had held throughout Netanyahu’s term as prime minister between 1996 and 1999 and again from 2009 until today when the prime minister took office for the second time.

During this period, Molcho undertook many “undisclosed” tasks as the premier’s special and personal envoy including to a number of Arab countries which Israel has no diplomatic ties with.

A petition was recently filed to the Israeli Supreme Court demanding to suspend Molcho from his post over suspicions of conflict of interest.

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Molcho is a partner in a law firm with David Shimron, Netanyahu’s personal attorney, who has been involved in the corruption investigation regarding the government’s purchase of three German submarines.

A statement by Netanyahu’s office said the prime minister has accepted Molcho resignation and thanked him for his devotion, service and commitment.

“I do not need to list the sensitive and important tasks you’ve done. You did this with a rare combination of talent, experience and comprehensive knowledge of the issues” Netanyahu said in his response letter.

“The Israeli citizens will greatly appreciate your contribution” he added.

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