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68% of Israelis want Jewish rituals at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque on 19 September 2017

Some 68 per cent of Israeli Jews believe that the status quo at Al-Aqsa Mosque should be abolished, allowing them to perform rituals at the Muslim holy site, according to a poll conducted for right wing think tank, a poll by the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies (JISS) has shown.

Additionally, nearly three quarters (72 per cent) believe that Israel should ensure that it maintains sovereignty over the Al-Aqsa compound, regardless of future diplomatic agreements that may recognise the right of Palestinians to the site.

Over half of the respondents also supported the Greater Jerusalem bill that would see illegal West Bank settlements annexed as part of the city’s municipality and 64 per cent said they believe Israel must control the entire Jerusalem “envelope” for security and ideological reasons.

The same proportion answered that dividing the city between Israeli and Palestinian control would “endanger the future of the Jewish state”.

The newly launched JISS institute commented on the report’s findings, saying that the organisation would work to reinforce the “healthy conservative leanings” of the Israeli public.

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Israeli settlers have increased the number of break-ins at Al-Aqsa Mosque in recent months, especially since the crisis surrounding access for Palestinians in July. Extreme settler groups have repeatedly called for increasing raids of Al-Aqsa Mosque, especially on significant Jewish holidays.

The hundreds of settlers that have stormed the compound have strained tensions in occupied East Jerusalem. Whilst Israelis have been permitted to enter the mosque at will, Muslim worshippers still face heavy restrictions when trying to enter the site to perform their daily prayers.

Last month, Israeli settlers also pledged to rebuild the alleged Jewish temple that they claim stood the site, as they performed other religious rituals in the Muslim sanctuary.

In September, the Israeli government fixed times for Members of the Knesset (MKs) to enter Al-Aqsa Mosque. The government made the move in response to a petition submitted to the Israeli Supreme Court by far-right MK Yehuda Gluck, who demanded that the court overturn a ban on incursions at the site by state ministers.

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  • abu antar

    The fact of the matter is, that Haram Al Sharif was built on the ruins of a Jewish temple.To deny this, is revising history.Personally, i don’t give a dam about religious relics but some are more emotional about it. So that means that 2 religions with one (same) god, claim the site holy.One religion shouldn’t have preference over the other.
    Polls are like *you know what*.If 72% of israelis hold certain view over temple mount, Muslims hold 99% of the opposite . Why can’t we all just get along.

    • Helen4Yemen

      Did God promise Palestine to one of the purest of any European groups, the Ashkenazi, who now make up 95% of world Jewry? Here are a few DNA results and as you can see, the Ashkenazi Jews are very Ashkenazi at 96% Ashkenazi on average. And what area of the globe does the “Ashkenazi DNA” trace to? NOT to the Middle East but to Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Ukraine, Austria …

      Alan Dershoitz……. 98.5% Ashkenazi … 99% European
      Bernie Sanders…… 97.7% Ashkenazi … 99% European
      Larry David………… 97.8% Ashkenazi … 99% European
      Neil Gaiman………. 99.6% Ashkenazi … 99% European
      Carol Kline………… 96.0% Ashkenazi … 99% European
      Tony Kushner……… 97.5% Ashkenazi … 99% European
      Alex Feinberg…….. 93.6% Ashkenazi … 99% European

      • NakhashKadmoni

        lol you’re taking an arbitrary categorization by geographic location from “dna test” sites

        The history of humanity is migration, largely in response to war and weather.

        The most substantial European genetic contribution to the Ashkenazi is Italian/SE Europe consistent with ancient history after Emperor Vespasian and later Hadrian quelled Jewish rebellions in Judea, sacked the country and Jerusalem, refugees and slaves went to Jewish centers in SE Europe…

        Weird how Yiddish (Hebraic dialect of Middle High German), the lingua franca of Ashkenazim over Europe has ZERO words of direct Turkic origin and some how these supposed Kuzar peoples suddenly became literate in multiple ancient Semetic languages preserved in texts to this day!

        • Helen4Yemen

          Of course, you have no evidence to support your lies with, right?

          The Ashkenazi has as much Italian as he has Middle Eastern, which is almost nothing. Here is a link that has over 100 Italian DNA results. Does the Ashkenazi DNA show up in Italian DNA? Yes, at 0.1%? What about Middle East DNA? Yes, the Italians have very high levels of Middle East DNA, as high as 20% vs. 0% for the Ashkenazi. Explain that? The Ashkenazi DNA is 96% Ashkenazi and the rest is Eastern Europe. Ask me to provide you evidence.


          • NakhashKadmoni

            I am referring to the mDNA

          • Helen4Yemen

            Why do Italians have large levels of Middle Eastern DNA and the Ashkenazi has none?

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Population swap?

          • Helen4Yemen

            Do yo have a single DNA result for any Ashkenazi that has even 1% Middle East DNA to show me?

          • Helen4Yemen

            Why Did 23andMe Tell Ashkenazi Jews They Could Be Descended From Khazars?
            Ari Feldman Aug 29, 2017 – The Jewish Forward

            “Ashkenazic Jews often find themselves in the peculiar situation of being 90% Ashkenazi Jewish and 99% European.”

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Don’t you know that tests out predominantly European for Ashkenazi? If Jewishness is passed down by the mother, doesn’t that mean all Ashkenazi are converts or frauds?

          • NakhashKadmoni

            There is no doubt Ashkenazim have European admixture…but the Jewish males in Rome clearly converted wives for themselves as is permissible according to Jewish law. They continued to practice Judaism, preserve the culture and languages – preserving Jewish identity.

            There are hardly any humans that are “pure” any lineage….it seems the average “purity” of someone with both parents ostensibly of the same ethnicity is somewhere around 70 – 90%…

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Weren’t those Jewish males converts of Jewish missionaries competing with Christian missionaries (and losing badly)? How could they possibly have any claim to Palestine, much less comparable to the Jews that never left Palestine that were converting to Chistianity and later to Islam?

            Sorry, the European Ashkenazi had no right to assault the 100% Middle Eastern Palestinians to drive them from their homes and lands. That is a crime against humanity that dissolves all Zionist claim to legitimacy.

          • NakhashKadmoni

            No, you reveal your ignorance of history..
            We are referring to the aftermath of the Jewish Revolts against Rome and the subsequent sacking of Jude and Jerusalem – Christians were a minor presence.

            More importantly, most Jews in Israel are descendants of Arabic speaking Sefardim and Mizrachim, not Ashkenazim that were forced out of Islamic countries in the 1940’s

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            No, you are revealing yours, and a very insecure reading ability, and a propensity to believe in undocumented fairy tales.

            Yes, the Romans carted off the temple gold and the trouble makers, leaving the rest, who converted to Christianity then Islam. Funny that Ben-Gurion that, but you didn’t.

            “More importantly, most Jews in Israel are descendants of Arabic speaking
            Sefardim and Mizrachim, not Ashkenazim that were forced out of Islamic
            countries in the 1940’s”

            That makes absolutely no sense. Most of the Jews in Arab countries were Ashkenazim that had fled persecution in Christian Europe. Nor were they forced out according to your unsupported fairy tales.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Actually, the gradual departure of the Arab Jews from their homes in Arab lands was another machination of the Ben-Gurion by which he planned to fool and terrorize the Arab Jews into Palestine to serve the victorious European Zionist invaders of Palestine as laborers and farmers. It was Ben-Gurion who ordered the Zionist assaults on the Arab Jews.

            Zionist crimes against the Jews

            Zionist terror against the Jews

            False flag of the Lavon affair

            All planned and ordered by David Ben-Gurion

            [Please remove *’s]

            Thanks for reminding us that the assault of the alien European Zionist Ashkenazi invaders was not just against the people of Palestine but against all the Arab Jews. Thanks for reminding us of the vast evil of the European Zionists in forcing two Million Arab (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) people from their homes.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Are you saying there was a diaspora by which the inhabitants of Palestine abandoned it, or were forced to abandon it? Please specify the parameters of the fairy tale you believe it.

        • Helen4Yemen

          Larry David and Bernie Sanders are cousins. What are the chances of either being the cousin of a Yemeni or Iraqi Jew?


        • Helen4Yemen

          You mean when black Americans get tested that the results show as “Native American” by geographic location? That was one of the stupidest statements I read in a very long time.

    • Helen4Yemen

      Yes, that is what I would like to know why the European Jew cannot get along with his own kind, the European people. Holocuast was long time ago and Ukraine now a Jew PM. The Ashkenazi is safe to go home now. Why is this foreigner still on Arab land?

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        Actually, that’s what smart “Israelis” are doing. A favorite place for them to go home to is Berlin.

      • Jack

        Helen4yemen the Muslim Jihadist writes:
        “The European Jewry now on Arab land have no desire to go back to their land ”

        Well it took this Jihadist Helen4yemen to get to that conclusion a long time.
        The Jews in Israel Never had any desire to go anywhere and will never ever go anywhere.
        Israel is the Jewish Land, push it into your jihadist head !!!!

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Hey! It’s Jack the Joke! The shame apologist for ZioNazi crimes against humanity! A genuine hollow hoaxer!

    • Kelly Kelly

      Most of them would rather rest in peace after they die, then live in peace.

      • Helen4Yemen

        It is about colonialism, dammit! What do you think white Europeans are doing on Arab land? Eating falafel?

    • Helen4Yemen


    • TecumsehUnfaced

      That Jewish temple was built by the ancestors of the Palestinians, who converted to Christianity and Islam. The European Ashkenazi invaders have zero right to it. The problem is that the Zionist-Talmudist sect has zero respect for all other people. That how they were able to invade Palestine with the intent to seize it and drive the indigenous people out.

      • Jack

        Sure Idiot it was built by those who came from Mars that stole your brain cells.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          A refutation like that is a hilarious way to surrender. Thanks for making me laugh again, Jack the Joke! I assume that you have personal acquaintance with these brain eaters from Mars. Are they amoebas? or zombies? Would you know the difference?