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China to deploy troops to fight alongside Assad in Syria

China's Army ground troops [file photo]
Chinese ground troops [file photo]

China is planning to send troops to Syria to aid President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces, according to the New Khaleej.

According to informed sources, the move comes as China becomes increasingly concerned with the presence of Islamic militants in the East Turkestan region, who have been sighted aiding opposition groups in Syria.

Last week, during a meeting with Syrian Presidential Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi praised the regime’s efforts at tackling the fighters from the Islamic East Turkistan Movement.

The Syrian regime has also claimed that some 5,000 fighters of Uyghur origin, an ethnic Muslim minority that Chinese authorities regularly accuse of terrorism, have arrived in Syria, illegally passing through Southeast Asia and Turkey.

The sources said that the Chinese Ministry of Defence intends to send two units known as the “Tigers of Siberia” and the “Night Tigers” from the Special Operations Forces to aid Syrian government troops.

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This is not the first time Chinese troops have crossed into Syria; in 2015 the Syrian regime permitted some 5,000 soldiers to enter its territory as allied forces and stationed them in the Western region of Latakia. Chinese military advisors were also among the deployment, as well as naval and aerial assets.

China is one of the five veto-wielding powers of the UN Security Council and, along with Russia, has used its power on more than one occasion to protect the interests of the Syrian regime.

Russian support has given the government an upper hand in the six year-long civil war, especially as the battle against Daesh comes to an end.

More than half a million people are believed to have been killed since 2011, the vast majority by the Assad government and allied forces. The regime has also used chemical weapons against civilians and prevented aid from reaching those affected on the ground. UN officials further estimate that some ten million people have been displaced as a result of the fighting.

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  • amos

    Happy days if the Yanks think they are in a hole now, add the Chinks boy Syria is becoming a nightmare on speed. They are well tooled up and eager to send send out a message we w

    • Amanios Makonnen

      Present-day Western political philosophy is naked hypocrisy. Driven mainly by their frenzied geopolitical calculations they portray Syria as despotic, while at the same their stone- age Gulf Arab vassals and their islamic terrosit proxies are treated as liberators. Where is that sincere, esteemed and time-tested western moral philosophy gone?

      • Richard Dickson

        It never existed. The first step is acknowledging that this terrorist-supporting vermin in our Western governments are lying to us NOW.
        The next step is researching further and realizing they lied to us for the last 120 years and their behaviour/foreign policy hasn’t changed!

  • virgile

    “More than half a million people are believed to have been killed since 2011,

    the vast majority by the Assad government and allied forces. The
    regime has also used chemical weapons against civilians and prevented
    aid from reaching those affected on the ground”

    These are unproven allegations that are used as propaganda by Islamists and their western allies against the legitimate government and army of Syria. It is shameful that they are presented here as proven facts .

    • Ronald Kerekes

      and then you woke up…Assad is not “dictator” and it is not civil war…

      • Lion Heart

        Assad is not a DEMOCRAT–but definitely he is a SECULAR man.
        US/Israel/Saudi funded and armed militants are neither DEMOCRAT nor SECULAR.
        Do you think Al Nusra would bring democracy in Syria?
        It is a civil war because US/Israel/Saudi had provided tons of arms to these Islamic militants….while these same thuggish lobby asks Palestinians to renounce violence before any talk !!!

    • ponor

      This article became highly questionable the second I read Assad murdered and gassed his own people,was waiting for the standard line of ASSAD HAS TO GO to pop up. If any governments on the face of the planet has to go,it is the De facto rouge and criminal American and Israeli governments.

    • Christian Strahm

      The UN said that out of 18 regions 15 regions
      are under siege by the states army. There is a consensus that the state
      was involved in the bombing of an aid convoy. There is no reason to
      believe that the picture should be more rosy. Most of the dammage has been
      caused by bombings. Don’t try to make believe that this is a way to bring
      dignity into the life of a citizen. It is harmful and destroys what has been
      built up with a great effort. Blaming islamists for propaganda cannot wish away
      the sad picture that the state of Syria has created by it’s own doing and therefore by it’s own responsability. In so far there is no lack of proves.

      • virgile

        During a war of that level of violence and complexity many terrible mistakes may happen and there is no way to judge today if the bombings of a civilian center is intentional or not. Recently the USA has bombed two Medecins Sans Frontieres clinics in Afghanistan killing sick civilians and doctors. Was is intentional because many of the patients were wounded terrorists, or was it a mistake ? Saudi Arabia and its western allies have been destroying Yemen cities and starving millions of Yemeni civilians. No one seems to care and no one is accusing the Saudis and the Americans of war crimes. The whole issue of responsibility in time of war is complex.
        The responsibilities of events that happen in the confusion of a war can’t be defined in the heat of the moment. Independant observers ans media are not so ‘independant’ as they are funded and manipulated by States who are part of the conflict,
        Therefore throwing accusations back and forth with serious proofs are only useful for propaganda purpose.

        • Christian Strahm

          A lack of accusations should not encourage to do the same when it is clear that it is a crime. Yes, it is sad, what you describe and it should not have happened.

    • The Latin Mass

      even the zionist news outlet “‘One’ ‘America’ ‘News'” which is disgusting in their pro-Israhell propaganda, has stated the chemical attacks were most likely false flags by the rebels.

  • Ion Cojocaru

    The mentionned source Khaleej Times has no recent articles on the subject. The source of information remains unclear…


    Terrorism is a life time business for USA and SAUDI ARABIA. Terrorism will never end unless we defeat Saudi wahabi government. Putin is a hero. Russia is defeating terrorism while America supports terrorism by helping Saudis.

  • Richard Dickson

    The Syrian Army and its allied factions have lost more than 200,000 KIA in their frontline struggle against terrorism! This does not include all the pro-government civilians massacred purely for supporting the “wrong” side!

    Since at least half the total death toll of the whole war were *deliberately* killed by rebels, not even including collateral damage, how can you blame the Govt. for a “vast majority”?!

    Remember that infamous video of the US-backed FSA beheading a 12 year old because his parents were government supporters?
    THESE are the actions that propaganda outlets like MEMO support when they spout such lies.

    Who pays for your “new perspectives”, the Pentagon or Al Saud?

  • virgile

    I am not so sure about the number, as there is no dependable organization that can get the exact number, but it is certain that a large part of the Syrians living in dangerous or lawless areas or had their homes destroyed moved out to safer areas.
    It is a fact, yes.