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Trump threatens to cut aid to all countries over UN Jerusalem vote

Trump's comments came after Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the UN, sent threatening letters to UN member states, urging them to vote against the motion.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to cut aid to countries that vote in favour of a draft UN resolution condemning the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Trump said at the White House on Wednesday the US would be “watching those votes” in the General Assembly.

Reuters news agency quoted Trump as saying:

They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars, and then they vote against us. Well, we’re watching those votes. Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot. We don’t care

The UN General Assembly will hold an emergency session on Thursday to vote on the controversial US decision.

The motion is expected to pass easily in the 193-member UN body, but it will be non-binding.

Trump’s comments came after Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the UN, sent threatening letters to UN member states, urging them to vote against the motion.

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“The president will be watching this vote carefully and has requested I report back on those who voted against us,” Haley wrote. “Thank you for your consideration, and please do not hesitate to contact my team with any questions or concerns.”

The letter continued: “As you know, the General Assembly is considering a resolution about President Trump’s recent decision on Jerusalem. As you consider your vote, I encourage you to know the president and the US take this vote personally.”

The UN General Assembly is set to meet tomorrow at 3pm GMT, for an emergency discussion on Jerusalem. Turkey and Yemen requested the meeting after the US vetoed an Egyptian-sponsored draft resolution at the UN Security Council, which was backed by all 14 other council members.

US Foreign Aid in 2016

US Foreign Aid in 2016


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  • Kelly Kelly

    Don’t just say it. Do it. They don’t deserve your $$.

    • scorpion

      And the welfare sponging Israelis do?

  • April Blaylock

    Will the US military defend Trump property and business interests around the world if attacked by Palestinians ? Will folks staying in Trump hotels be safe from violence , poisoned food, and bedbugs ?

    • scorpion

      Palestinians can’t get out of Gaza or the West Bank so aren’t able to attack Trumpfs business interests.

  • DEADP00L

    The United States spends billions on military bases on a monthly basis, properties for its diplomats ( mansions, villas, compounds etc) and takes hundreds of trillions of dollars in raw, natural and gas resources, human labor alone is a trillion dollar industry that instead of going to these countries; does straight to the US.


    All making or worth trillions upon trillions upon trillions of dollars.

    None of these countries get a dime of it. They extract and get paid for the extraction, not the profits. The profits goes straight to American corporations, who then takes such resources, mold them into things and sells them back to the countries; so these countries pay double and triple. Sometimes they are buying their own resources from American companies.

    Trillions upon trillions, accumulated that goes to the United States and in turn it gives ‘aid’ to maintain and protect only the infrastructure of the areas its interests are invested in. So none of those billions really serves the interests of the countries, the people of the countries never see a dime. Meanwhile trillions of their own worth is bled out and served to America.

    So who is really paying who to do what? Because all those countries certainly have every right to vote against the United States on just about everything.

  • Pavlov’s Dawg

    It’s always all about Isreal isn’t it!?

  • This is honestly a very bad move — it will only increase anti-American sentiment around the world and further isolate the United Nations on the international level.

  • Alan Keefe

    how many times do we have to literally save the entire world from destruction to get a little respect around here?

  • Ruth Sakiestewa

    ** FROM: U.S.- 25%/ Russia -16%/ France/ Canada, UK & Netherlands – Belarus – 3%
    Ethiopia – 4%/ Norway/ Sweden/ Belgian/ Chekoslovakia/ Ukraine (percentages of people who volunteer to serve in the IDF Forces) through organizations paying above market prices for Lone Soldiers or through Sar el network, either in combat or volunteer. To be involved in heinous crimes such as Israel takes on is in violations of human rights.*

    It’s a tug of war between IDF volunteers for Israel & for people who want to go fight against Asaad or any Muslim country. When volunteers get recruited for Muslims in Syria or during the fighting for Islamic wars…upon returning many were arrested & sentenced…but when volunteers returning from serving for Israel there is praise…
    Although it is a discrepancy & unjust outlook by Christians as it goes with their beliefs much like the Crusades did, but now more so a modern Crusading, for instance in Norway—Christians want to help Israel speed up the return of Jesus or Masiah, so they volunteer in each Israel’s attacks of bombing crusades on Palestinians.*
    Israel advertises that they face hostile threats from their neighboring countries & Palestinians, they call counter-terrorism, in spite of Israel’s aggression of bombing the people in Yemen or their direct Palestinian neighbors on the other side of their Auswitz–like GIANT WALLS, which doesn’t make Israel look ethical & morally just when Israel is engaged in controversial strikes & targets & regular bombing raids on Palestinian civillians towns & villages—killing many.
    While Britons fight for Israel with impunity against the Palestinians killing them in assaults raids & obvious provocations according to human rights orgnizations, the same Britons upon returning back from volunteering do not get arrested when fighting for Jewish cause…but will get arrested fighting in a Muslim war.*

  • windship

    US aid to Israel in all it’s forms is actually 20x bigger than the map shows. This is why Israel has no debt, while America is $21 trillion in the hole.