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Israel security official: Gaza’s collapse will see ‘uncontrollable blow up’

January 15, 2018 at 5:00 pm

A Palestinian child can be seen outside make-shift homes in Gaza [Apaimages]

Gaza is on the verge of collapse, Israeli security officials have said while warning of an “uncontrollable blow up” from the enclave.

One security official cited by Haaretz said that the Gaza economy and the infrastructure was “like from zero to below zero” while voicing concerns over the Strip’s total collapse.

Over the weekend, Israel accelerated its destruction of tunnels, which are a life-line for the besieged population of Gaza. Israeli politicians are said to be taking advantage of Hamas’ political and economic weakness.

Israeli politicians are also accused of burying their heads in the sand in thinking that they can continue to act as if military pressure can put on the enclaves 2.5 million residents without “risking uncontrollable blow-up in the Strip”.

Haaretz previously reported that the number of trucks passing between Israel and Gaza has been reduced by half; about 95 per cent of Gaza’s water is undrinkable; unemployment in the strip is inching towards 50 per cent.

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