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Ahed Tamimi's lawyer slams Israeli conduct during military court hearing

The lawyer of detained Palestinian teen activist Ahed Tamimi has slammed the conduct of the Israeli occupation authorities, in a military court hearing Monday.

Gaby Lasky told the court that Israeli authorities are trampling all over "international law principles such as those stemming from the Convention on the Rights of the Child…and do not think about 'what is in the best interests' of minors".

According to Lasky, reported The Jerusalem Post, Israeli occupation laws "defining incitement for Palestinians infringe on their right to free speech, adding that settlers who shove soldiers or throw rocks at them and police are treated far more leniently".

In addition, the lawyer noted how Tamimi was detained at 4am during a raid of her house, even though the Israeli army had not arrested her after the incidents for which she is now being indicted.

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Lasky pointed out that, until December 15, there had been no witnesses against Tamimi for the alleged stone-throwing incidents she has been accused of by the military prosecutors, only for the Israeli army to suddenly find 41 witnesses.

Tamimi's lawyer also noted that 30 minutes of the interrogation, "which one could see on video, had been left out of the interrogation's written transcript".

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