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Muslim Brotherhood: 'No reconciliation with the illegitimate government'

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt issued a statement yesterday confirming there will be no reconciliation with the coup government of current President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

In its release, the group said reports that negotiations are ongoing between the two bodies were efforts to "distract the Egyptian people from the catastrophes this coup is committing".

It went on to stand by its presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi who "is the legitimate president who has been elected freely".

The press release

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The Muslim Brotherhood announces that there have been no negotiations between itself and the fascist military regime despite reports in the international and local media to the contrary. These repeated rumours about fictitious reconciliation are nothing but an attempt to distract the Egyptian people from the catastrophes this coup is committing.

In this regard, we assure everyone that the members of the Brotherhood and its affiliates at home and abroad, including those incarcerated, share the heart of one man and that any attempt to stir problems doomed to failure and won't work.

Our hearts and hands are opened to the Egyptian people, including all sects without exception, under the banner of the nation. We will achieve the goals of the 25th of January Revolution, realise the will of the people, which has been violated, regain their lost freedom and usurped rights and preserve the wealth of the nation, its natural resources and territorial integrity.

Therefore, since we are loyal to the homeland, faithful to its interests and to the Egyptian people too we do not object to any serious examination with all the faithful parties. However, Dr. Mohamed Morsi will be in charge of any contacts or negotiations of any kind, for he is the legitimate president who has been elected freely with the testimony of the world and not just the group and its leaders.

The Brotherhood also affirms that adhering to the legitimacy of President Mohamed Morsi is fundamental in its bias towards the democratic principles that the free world has adopted and which the Egyptian people have firmly supported, as well as its commitment to the rights of the Egyptian genuine people.

We cannot betray the principles, values and fair demands through which we present ourselves to the world. In this sense, we affirm our adherence to the just revenge for the blood of the martyrs and the wounded, in addition to our defence of the rights of detainees, abductees, and displaced persons.

The Muslim Brotherhood does not seek to stop the wheel of history, and it always works to ensure that the people will follow the correct path which will fulfill the values of justice and freedom and the right to recover and maintain the full rights.

God save Egypt and its people from all evil.

God is the greatest and all praise is to God.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Wednesday, 21 Jumada al-Awwal 1439 H corresponding to 7 February 2018

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