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March of Return: Refugees will return to their homes

February 13, 2018 at 2:37 pm

The Coordinating Committee of the March of Return said yesterday that Palestinian refugees will start peace marches towards Israel to return to their homes in accordance with international resolutions.

In a statement, the committee called on Palestinian refugees to prepare for the march saying “returning is your right” with support for the movement gaining momentum.

“The 1948 war ended 70 years ago and there is no reason that refugees should remain away from their homes,” it added.

“There are international resolutions on the refugees’ right of return, most notably Resolution 194, and those refugees will exercise their right in a peaceful manner whenever they want,” it added.

The Palestinian people have decided to exercise their rights and to return to their lands and their homes in a peaceful manner in accordance with international resolutions, international law, human rights principles and the support of the free world.

“There is no longer any point in waiting for just political solutions that will return the refugees to their homes or prevent the occupation from settlement, land confiscation, repeated aggression and siege,” it said.

Earlier this month, youth activists called on social media users to participate in a massive march towards Gaza’s eastern border with Israel and build a camp there.

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