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New Israeli ambassador to Jordan set to be accredited

Middle East specialist Amir Weissbrod [Külügyi és Külgazdasági Intézet / Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade/Facebook]
Israeli ambassador to Jordan, Amir Weissbrod [Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade/Facebook]

Israel’s new ambassador to Jordan is set to be accredited at the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, Quds Press reported yesterday. The media revealed that Amir Weissbrod is the nominee for the position. Weissbrod is the head of the Middle East department at the Foreign Ministry’s Political Research Centre.

The Israeli Embassy in Amman has been closed since last July, when an Israeli guard shot dead two Jordanians. When the Kingdom protested, the guard was returned to Israel along with the ambassador and his staff, who received a hero’s welcome at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s home.

According to Israeli sources, the embassy in Amman actually reopened three months ago, but there has been no ambassador in place.

Although the Israeli government has not apologised for the deadly incident, it recently expressed “regret” at the killings. It is understood that the families of the victims have received compensation.

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