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Russian MP denies Assad's departure from Syria

A member of the Russian Federal Assembly (Parliament), Dmitry Sablin, today denied recent media reports alleging that the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and his family had left the Syrian Republic.

Sablin, the coordinator of the State Duma group for cooperation with the Syrian parliament, told state news agency TASS that he, accompanied by a delegation of other Russian parliamentarians, arrived in Syria earlier today and is due to meet with Al-Assad "to discuss developments of the country's situation and to back the Syrian people in their war on terror."

"I have met with Assad several times, including in 2014, when the situation in Syria was much worse," the Russian lawmaker pointed out, stressing that "Assad repeatedly said he would never leave Syria and would share his people's fate."

His [Assad] family is also now in Damascus with their people

he added.

Several Middle Eastern media reports recently claimed that Assad, his family and other Syrian leaders had left Syria to Tehran following the US President Donald Trump's vow to launch a military operation against the Arab country over the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

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