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Ghouta imams asked to pray for Assad after Friday prayers

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad []
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad []

Imams in the mosques of Al-Ghouta were asked to pray for President Bashar Al-Assad after yesterday’s Friday Prayers, Anadolu has reported. The “request” was made by the Syrian regime’s Ministry of Religious Affairs, which added that the prayers should be made over each mosque’s loudspeaker system.

The ministry sent a note to the imams asking for them to supplicate to God – Allah – for Assad to be helped to provide good for the people and the country. The Imams were also told to follow ministerial directions on the topic of Friday sermons and any other religious lectures delivered in their mosques.

Last month, Syrian forces backed by Russian aerial support, gained control of Al-Ghouta after five years of blockade. Different kinds of weapons, including chemicals, were used during the operation that ended the control of Syrian opposition groups. The operation led to the death of hundreds of civilians. During the five-year blockade, tens of thousands were killed in the continuous bombing of the area.

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