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Jerusalem will only be liberated by a new Saladin, says Father Musallam

'The path to Jerusalem will not be liberated except by a young man coming out in the name of Saladin', says Father Musallam

Only a new Saladin will liberate Palestine from the occupation, Father Manuel Musallam, member of the Christian-Islamic Committee in Support of Jerusalem and the Holy Places, said in video footage released this weekend.

He explained that the road to liberate Jerusalem will start in Gaza and a new Saladin would need to be born to free the country from the occupation, in reference to the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria, Saladin, whose forces captured or killed the vast majority of the Crusader forces and freed Palestine from them in 1187.

He said the new Saladin could be Mohammed, Mahmoud or Manuel, stressing that he may follow any faith but would be able to fight Israel.

Calling for mandatory conscription by all political Palestinian factions, Musallam said he supports fighters who use tunnels to enter Israeli army barracks undetected to capture soldiers and hold them as prisoners of war.

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