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Mossad head: We have relations with countries that do not have relations with Israel

Yossi Cohen Director of the Mossad [alresalah]
Yossi Cohen Director of the Mossad [alresalah]

Israeli intelligence services are working with countries which do not have diplomatic relations with the country, the head of Mossad, Yossi Cohen, said yesterday.

Speaking at the International Conference of Internal Security Ministers at the Orient Hotel in Jerusalem, Cohen said: “Mossad has relations with countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel. It is not only entrusted with intelligence information, but also with the operations it carries out. We have to work, come in, come out and do whatever we have to do.”

According to the head of Israel’s Shin Bet Security Agency, Nadav Argaman, Israel has foiled 250 serious attacks against Israeli targets, including attempts to carry out suicide bombings, kidnappings and shootings.

When talking about how the Shin Bet combats the phenomenon of individual perpetrators who have no relations with any groups, Argaman asserted: “The map of threats and challenges is diverse and extends across several unstable and challenging fronts.”

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In addition to “institutionalised terrorism, the phenomenon of the individual perpetrator has emerged in recent years. The perpetrator often works out of imitation and inspiration, and in many cases following the extremist and instigating speech which is circulated on social media websites,” Argaman added.

He clarified that combating “terrorism” is possible and successful thanks to a combination of quality human resources, advanced technology and special as well as professional working methods.

Shin Bet invests heavily in technological developments, such as artificial intelligence systems which has made a remarkable leap in the transition from “deduction to intelligence forecast for the purpose of thwarting terrorist intentions and operations in advance”, he said.

Shin Bet, he explained, is “a sophisticated and technological agency, which learns and combines, depends on integration and innovation, and emphasises strategic cooperation with intelligence partners from inside and outside the country, the Israeli hi-tech industry and other civilian authorities.”

He claimed that in addition to that, “the Shin Bet is continuing to work to thwart classic terrorism by activating its information gathering and thwarting tools.”

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