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Egypt academic: Netanyahu pushing US to start war against Iran

September 20, 2018 at 11:05 am

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [Facebook]

Egyptian Professor of Political Sciences at Cairo University Hassan Nafaa warned that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might drag the US to start a war with Iran, Almesryoon reported yesterday.

Nafaa wrote on Twitter: “Do not downplay Netanyahu’s foolishness and pride. He insists on annexing the  Golan Heights and taking Iran out of Syria.”

“Israel is seeking to liquidate Hezbollah even if it is forced to drag the US in to a war with Iran to oust its ruling regime and push US-Russian relations to the brink. Therefore, day by day, my fear increases that hard times in the region are looming,” he added

Nafaa has previously said that disunity amongst Arab states is what has paved the way for the US’ pro-Israel moves and weakened the region.

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