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Saudi writer reveals establishment of movement against House of Saud

October 1, 2018 at 1:35 am

A protest against Saudi Arabia in London, UK

Saudi writer Marzoq Mashan Al-Otaibi revealed that “tens of thousands” of oppositionists of what he called “the new regime of House of Saud” intend to establish of an anti-regime bloc under the name “National Mobilisation Movement.”

Al-Otaibi, who says he worked as a journalist for the two Saudi newspapers Makkah and Al-Sharq, published this in a statement under his name on September 28 and posted it on his Twitter page.

“We intend to start preparing a National Mobilisation Movement, with the aim of contributing to efforts to establish a wise ruling regime in the Arabian Peninsula, which preserves the country and the people’s interests,” the statement said.

Al-Otaibi added: “Tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters called for the (Saudi) regime to reform, develop the country and to grant the people their rights.”

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According to the statement, these have called for “the consolidation of equality, fairness, justice, the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law,” and they have warned of “corruption and depletion of the country’s resources.”

The statement stressed that “The Saudi regime has not responded and will not respond to the calls for reform. It has rather moved forward during the New Age (in reference to Mohammad bin Salman’s policy) towards corruption, repression, and threatening the country’s stability.”

Al-Otaibi also said: “The crown prince continued to underestimate you (the people) by ignoring all the forbidden matters in Arab customs and values and Islamic sanctities.”

Al-Otaibi did not forget the issue of prisoners of conscience. He pointed out that they “are suffering from the cruelty of incarceration just because they wanted a better homeland and a more prosperous people, and called for the lifting of injustice.”