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Egypt actor Adel Emam attacks Hamas’ response to Israel strikes

November 14, 2018 at 11:20 am

Egyptian actor Adel Emam [Twitter]

A social media account run by the Israeli foreign ministry has cited statements by popular Egyptian celebrity Adel Emam in which he attacked Palestinian resistance fighters who are battling against Israel’s brutal occupation.

According to the report, Emam made the statements in a television interview that he gave to Egyptian TV host Amr Elleithy while resistance forces in the besieged Gaza Strip were fighting back against Israeli airstrikes on the Strip.

Palestinians fired approximately 300 rockets at Israel after occupation forces plummeted the Strip with bombs and carried out a ground offensive in an effort to capture a Hamas fighter.

“No one can do anything to Israel. It is very well organised. These are people who know exactly what they are doing and when they say ‘I’ll do something’ they do it. I am pissed off at what is happening in Gaza. How can I go and wage war on someone and I know their strength, and fire rockets at them? They won’t respond with flowers; they would respond with rockets and attack you,” Emam said.

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