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Netanyahu accelerates normalisation to cover defeat in Gaza

November 26, 2018 at 9:31 am

A member of the Hamas Political Bureau said on Sunday that Benjamin Netanyahu has accelerated his efforts to normalise relations with the Arab world to cover up his recent “defeat” in the Gaza Strip. Izzat Al-Reshiq made his comments about the Israeli Prime Minister on his Twitter account.

“After failing to achieve victory through terrorising our people in Gaza,” claimed Al-Reshiq, “[Netanyahu] is seeking to create a positive image for himself by accelerating the penetration of our Arab and Islamic capitals through normalisation.” The Hamas official warned that any country which opens the door for “this criminal” would give him a push “to commit more crimes and aggression” against the Palestinian people, land and holy sites.

“Anyone who comes close to the Zionist enemy through overt or covert normalisation,” added Al-Reshiq, “is holding the losing card and will reap nothing but disappointment and shame.”

He insisted that the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine and crimes against the Palestinians and their holy places, including Jerusalem, should deter anyone from forging ties with Israel.

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