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Opposition: Syria regime to continue assassinating opponents

December 27, 2018 at 12:09 pm

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s military forces walk past a military complex with a Syrian national flag in Syria on September 5 2016 [SANA/Handout via REUTERS]

The head of the National Commission on the Affairs of Detainees and Missing Persons Yasser Al-Farhan said the recent report issued by the Washington Post on the Syrian regime’s mass execution of detainees confirms the group’s warnings that the Assad regime has continued its policy of assassinating opponents.

Al-Farhan said the Syrian regime insists on committing its crimes under any circumstances, warning that if the regime regains its military power, it would be more aggressive against opponents.

“A regime that has assassinated more than 964 people under torture in prisons and detention centres since the beginning of this year alone, will not hesitate to commit the most heinous crimes against the people of Syria,” Al-Farhan added.

Earlier this week, the Washington Post published a lengthy report on mass executions in the Syrian regime’s prisons, noting that the once overcrowded cells have been emptied due to mass executions since the Assad regime took control of some Syrian provinces.

“Many of those on death row die before reaching the gallows because of malnutrition, medical negligence or physical torture often after a psychological breakdown,” it said.

The paper said the Syrian regime did not respond to its requests for comment, adding that Damascus has never admitted executing detainees, no figures have been issued on the executions, and there are no independent sources to confirm the numbers of those killed.

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