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Member of Libyan tribe: South Tripoli truce is a success

Libyan militia [Ahmet İzgi/Anadolu Agency]
Libyan militias [Ahmet İzgi/Anadolu Agency]

Meftah Fattis member of the Social Council of Warfalla tribe described Monday’s the south Tripoli truce as “successful.”

“The agreement, which was sponsored by the Social Council of Warfalla tribe, will be implemented and will be successful unless parties outside Tripoli intervene,” said Fattis during an interview German News Agency (DPA).

He also said that the reconciliation committees were concerned that skirmishes could take place, similar to those in Aziziya area in South Tripoli, that before the truce. This situation prompted them to address the dignitaries of Tripoli who intervened to put an end to the security breach and maintain the ceasefire.

Fattis stressed the need for the withdrawal of conflicting forces 15 kilometres away from the administrative border of Tripoli and Tarhuna, including their armed vehicles and demanded that all roads be opened.

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Fattis also explained that committees formed by the Social Council, the most important of which is the Security Committee, will supervise the implementation of the agreement. Fattis praised what he believed, to be the honest intentions of the reconciliation committees and the dignitaries of Tripoli and Tarhuna.

He explained that “the work of the committees formed following the truce has started. Some of them headed today to Tarhuna to monitor the implementation of the terms of the agreement.”

Concerning the fact that official institutions in Tripoli did not respond to the truce, Fattis clarified: “We have contacted the dignitaries because the belligerents delegated them to discuss the ceasefire. I have nothing to tell Libyan politicians, but to ask them to pay attention to ordinary citizens who will pay the price for all the violations committed in Libya.”

A member of the Libyan Red Crescent Information Office, Abu Bakr Suissi, told DPA that the belligerents’ forces started withdrawing today from engagement areas.

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